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omac Apr 9, 2002 11:31 AM
old apple 20" crt - what to do with it?
i've got an old quadra with a 20" apple multiscan - the quadra's a bit knackered but the monitor is still ok- will it work with current mac hardware.. i've got an icebook - will that work with it ??

i tried the white connection cable that came with the ibook but it was different from the screen's one..

can anyone help ??
-Q- Apr 9, 2002 12:44 PM
Mac monitors from that era have a proprietary conection that only worked with Macs. You can buy an adaptor that will work but they aren't cheap. Here are some prices from griffin:

And the white cable that came with your iBook is a VGA connector. It'll connect to most current monitors but not to the one you have. But with an adaptor from above, it should work. And there may be cheaper alternatives. Try a google search for 'DB-15 to VGA adaptor'.

Good luck.
bluedog Apr 9, 2002 01:10 PM
I've gone into local CompUSA (and I did buy the monitor there), and told them the needed adapter didn't come in the box (which the package slip clearly stated would be included). They had several (from Viewsonic) that were intended for my monitor.

Its worth asking. Simply say you bought a monitor that didn't have the adapter and if they had any available. These items are available for about $30 and its a crime they cost so much. The manufacturers put their own ones out and give them away with the monitors (look for a model that has compatiblity for both mac/pc).

In any case, they may be willing to hand over one for you. I've had a guy offer me a PS2 to USB converter (which I was looking for) if I would sign up for internet access with MSN! He said I could then cancel it for no charge. Basically they were giving him kickbacks to sign up customers. I wanted to *buy* one of those adapters that come with some USB mice and they evidently don't sell them, but had several from their 'display models' in the back.

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