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Athaena Sep 10, 2000 05:31 AM
Performa Apple Backup -- restore onto G3?
Hey, all --

In '96 I had use of a Performa 630CD for a project. When the project ended (abruptly, but that's another story) I hurriedly backed up most of the drive onto about 100 floppies using Apple Backup.

For 2 years I've had a G3, and still I've got these floppies I haven't been able to open. Apple tech support told me I'd need a program called Apple Restore. Got that (eventually). Apple Restore tells me I need to boot from the Utilities Disk (presumably the *Performa* Utilities Disk, which I don't have).

Can I boot a G3 (System 8.1) from a Performa Disk? Is that wise or safe? Where do I get one? (Not from Apple, it turns out!) I was told in another forum that I'd have to be using a SCSI hard drive -- true or false?

Anybody got a can opener?

Si Hoc Legere Scis Ninium Eruditionis Habes
The Wolfe Sep 10, 2000 03:30 PM
Very unlikely that you'll be able to boot up via a Performa utility disk. Apple systems have a minumum system software level (usually the OS that was avilable when they shipped), and system 7.5 is much too old for any model of G3 (minimum system 8.0). This is mostly due to patches and system enablers that wern't avilable in those software releases.

Really the best way to get your software back would be to find an older Performa and do the reinstall with that machine. Are you sure, however, that you can't restore the disks with just the restore program installed on you G3?

Eliott Wolfe
Winnetka, Calif
Athaena Sep 10, 2000 03:38 PM
Yes, Apple Restore instructs me to reboot from the Utilities Disk. I was told by the person who gave me Apple Restore that it would be a Performa Utilities Disk I'd need.

Maybe there's another program that will open the files, besides Apple Restore?


Si Hoc Legere Scis Ninium Eruditionis Habes

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Doc Juansinn Sep 14, 2000 05:15 AM
Certain versions of Apple Backup and Apple Restore can be used with IDE hard disks but the will wipe the disk before doing the restore. The hard disk might have to be named Macintosh HD to be used as a restore disk.
My suggestion to you would be to find a cheap used Mac that you can use to do the restore on. For example, the local Thrift Store has IIci models with kbd. and mouse for $35.

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