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Can't mount any of my SCSI devices w/OSX
I recently installed OSX on an older G3 (266 Hz). I have a Yamaha external CD/RW drive hooked to the computer's SCSI input. A Microtech Scanner is hooked to the CD/RW and is appropriately terminated. I was running OS 8.6 without any problems.
After I installed OSX none of the SCSI devices would mount.

In addition to the OSX installation, I installed a multi port usb card and a multi port firewire card.

I downloaded the latest version of SCSI probe because they said it would force the devices to mount, but all I get is a message that says the the SCSI control panel won't work in the OS 9 environment.

All I want to do is to get my CD/RW drive and scanner to work in either the OS9 Environment or the OSX environment.

Can any one help?
himself Apr 11, 2002 07:21 PM
This is the G3 that still uses scsi for the HD, right? And I assume that your internal HD's mount fine... I can tell you why the scanner doesn't work - there aren't any drivers for it in X. In fact, NO scanner works with X yet... now that Photoshop has been released for X, that should change soon. The same is probably the case for CDRW drive, depending on the brand, or it could be that the CDRW drive won't work with your scanner attached... you might want to check with the drive manufacturer to see if they have released any updated drivers for it. Also... are you using the built-in scsi or do you have a pci scsi upgrade card? Some scsi upgrade cards do have problems in X, and I would expect that at least you CDRW drive would work under X.

And the reason why SCSI Probe won't work, even in classic, is because Classic doesn't handle any of the communication with the hardware. X acts as a "mediator" between the Classic Environment and the hardware, so any classic software that is depndant on direct hardware communication probably won't work.
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