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dpbsmith Sep 14, 2000 09:02 AM
OS 9 is pushing it for a 6400
For what it's worth... Apple officially says 8.1 is the latest system recommended for a Performa 6400/200... see

One of the things that led/drove me to buy a new Mac is that I was starting to encounter version skew problems with my 6400... have some software that requires 8.5. I upgraded to 8.5 and although it pretty much worked, I had the impression that there WERE some glitches that were probably version skew related. I think trying to run OS 9+ on a 6400 is probably asking for a certain amount of trouble...
The Wolfe Sep 14, 2000 02:39 PM
I really wouldn't say that you're asking for trouble installing OS-9 on a 6400, but I wouldn't expect blazing speed either. I personally use a UMAX C-500 240MHz system everyday, (which is roughly the same motherboard architecture and speed of 6400 and 6500 machines), and I haven't upgraded to OS-9 yet. 8.6 runs pokey enough (compared to it running on my iMac) on this machines, so I don't feel the need to slow things down further.

Added features generally = more slowdowns. Most of the time it's justifiable, but that's an individual decision.

Eliott Wolfe
Winnetka, Calif
Cipher13 Sep 15, 2000 08:46 AM
What are the stats of your 6400?
OS 8.6 ran great on my 5500/250, but OS 9 runs very slowly, largely because I only have 32 megs RAM for it, and VM on like 160 or something...
I'd say stick with 8.1 or 8.6.

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