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druber Dec 26, 2000 06:06 PM
scsi termination woes

grr, gave my mom my old hard drive, and as usual, can't get the new one to work right. stats: umax j700/sys8.1, drive is a seagate barracuda 4gig, ST15150N. it worked fine at id=2 when the old hd was in (at mb->2HD->CD->zip->0HD). present chain is mb->CD->zip->0HD, which was my old setup. i've looked through the manual and have tried many jumper settings. the drive is set for id=0, i can set term power a. from drive (default) b. from scsi bus c. to scsi bus d. to scsi bus and drive. tried all options, machine chimes, mouse appears, i get the smiley mac, and it freezes. if i knew how to turn the termination on on either the internal zip or internal 4x cdrom (apple-branded), then i'd move the hd to an earlier spot on the chain, but everything is trial by error, and i'm tired of the errors. please help.
druber Dec 26, 2000 10:47 PM
yip, don't worry about me. zip drive actually has a sticker on it that maps out the different pin settings for it. made that the last drive on the chain, added a jumper for termination, up and running just fine. another lesson in independance, i suppose. all in good fun
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