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Josh00si Sep 19, 2000 03:06 PM
Nic For 2500CD
Does anyone know where i can get an ethernet nic for a macintosh communications slot. The 5200 does not have any pci slots, it only has the communications slot. Any help would most appreciated.
Josh00si Sep 19, 2000 03:10 PM
Ignore the 2500 in the title. IT was a typo. I have a performa 5200CD. Sorry for the mistake. I still need a nic though.
The Wolfe Sep 19, 2000 03:55 PM
The Performa 5200 series computers have both a communications slot and a PDS slot - both of which can accept networking cards. Although a communications slot ethernet card most likely will work, I'd recommend getting a PDS based networking card. They're generally cheaper and there seems to be fewer problems than with the Comm Slot cards. has the PDS cards (they're called LC-PDS cards on the site), and they work fine. I have one running in my 5215CD - it's great.

Apparantly Farallon still sells the Comm Slot networking cards as well if you choose to go that route.

Eliott Wolfe
Winnetka, Calif
MacOS761 Sep 20, 2000 12:39 AM
I would suggest eBay or something like that - you may be able to find one cheaper than retail... these cards are throw-away material for most folks. (I have one in my computer at home, so I understand your plight - it's just that those comps are getting pretty long in the tooth!)

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