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SSebeny Dec 28, 2000 11:50 PM
StarMax RAM?

I have the chance to buy a couple of StarMax machines pretty cheap. However, they come with no RAM. I went to and they said that the StarMax machines use EDO RAM, which I soon found out is VERY expensive. Then I went to and they say that the StarMax machines use 60ns 168pin DIMMs like most PPCs, which is more moderately priced. So which is it? Does anyone have one of these machines? Have you upgraded the RAM? What type would I need if I get these machines? Thanks!

Stephen M. Sebeny
SpinyNorman Dec 29, 2000 01:33 AM
Unfortunately, the Starmax machines (like my trusty 4400) use the very pricey 3.3V EDO DIMMs. About $150 for a 64MB stick. They're great machines but very little market value because the RAM'll break your bank.
druber Dec 29, 2000 11:09 AM
yep, and $150 for a 64mb chip is a good price, too. lots of places have these sticks for $200. nice machines machines, but i'd go with a different clone if you want a good cheap/older machine. good deals on ebay and usenet, both..
m7 Dec 29, 2000 02:33 PM
I know someone looking to get rid of a starmax 3000/180. It has at least one 64mb chip in it. They may be willing to part it out. Or sell it in one lump sum. Tell me if you are interested.
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