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milhous Apr 16, 2001 11:31 AM
SDRAM on PM9500?
My grievances are fairly similar to others in this post. FPM memory is at a premium these days and was wondering if anyone has been bold enough to try using standard SDRAM chips in their PM9500. I would try it myself, but I don't have a spare SDRAM chip to use. So has anyone tried it? Thanks.
itomato Apr 20, 2001 02:53 AM
They aren't in any way compatibile. The slots in the chip itself won't line up with the slots on the motherboard. I tried once to use a 32 MB PC66 SDRAM DIMM in a 7200 by cutting the slot wide enough to fit, but it wasn't recognized.
They are different physically, and electrically. Too much to function in that particular capacity, anyway.
I lucked out and bought an in-pieces 9500 with 128+ MB RAM for $100 with a video card, etc.. I am a happy boy now.. Might try out that cut DIMM for laffs, though..

Good luck

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