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TA373 Apr 18, 2001 09:55 PM
LCII advice needed
My aunt has an old LCII that I want to try to setup to get on the web. Nothing fancy, just email and very minimal web use. the main thing here is email.

O.S.? System 7? Which one? System 6?
Email software?
PPP software (free ppp)? Will that even run on an LCII?

Anyway, like I said the main thing here is email.


jarends Apr 18, 2001 10:38 PM
oh god don't even try...

I'm sure its possible, but not something I'd want to mess with.

check out

They have power mac 6100s for 49.99. Swap that with the LCII and keep the old monitor and keyboard.

a 6100 is a far better internet machine. I'm guessing the LCII has a 12 inch monitor though. Maybe you can get a deal on a larger one as well.
jarends Apr 18, 2001 10:44 PM
well if you really do want to do this...

freeppp, eudora lite (try to find an older version), netscape 1.1 or mosaic..system 7.5

I think doing something like that would be far more frusterating than useful however
THeberhard Apr 19, 2001 12:54 PM
I got my old LCII on the webb, Email with eduora is by all means OK!
web browsing is not good at all. With a 16 MHz cpu hobblad by a narrow 16 bit bus and max 10 MB of RAM what do you expect? Perhaps running it lynx like with no graphics no java etc could help.
FTP is OK but according to Apple the LCII does not support harware handshake so that will limit the download speed.
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