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malson Apr 19, 2001 12:31 AM
IIgs Power!
I booted up my old Apple IIgs on Easter Sunday. FIrst time the machine had been turned on in over 10 years. I played a game called Sub Battle Simulator. I can remember playing for hours on end when I was younger. Great memories! Now, the cool thing about this whole experience...I booted into the control panels and lo and behold but the date and time were EXACTLY RIGHT! I was blown away. Over ten years of idle time and the thing kept up. Amazing...
WillyB Apr 20, 2001 08:57 PM
If you want to use some of that GS software on your Mac, have you ever tried the Apple ][GS emulator called "Bernie To The Rescue"? It is a fantastic emulator! Check 'em out at:

WillyB. -MacAddict Extraordinaire
SmileyDude Apr 20, 2001 10:02 PM
Wow! 10 years... compared to the PC notebook I use for work where it drifts after 10 minutes, that's great!

drewman Apr 23, 2001 04:03 PM
As Douglas Adams said about Apple:

"At least they knew the century was going to end..."

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