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Turbocharger Apr 20, 2001 12:56 PM
Can somebody give me a bit of advice?
Hello Mac comrads, I just bought my first Mac, a PowerMac Performa 6320, so I'm very new to Macs (though I'm an expert in windows). My problem is that my CD-ROM drive quit working. I put a new CD-ROM drive in and it doesn't work either. I don't have an icon for the CD-ROM drive either. It does show up on the SCSI devices list. Is there supposed to be a control panel for it? Why doesn't it work? Am I missing a file? Thanks in advance.
Octo Apr 20, 2001 04:10 PM
This could be your problem.

With MacOS, you will not see an icon for the CDrom, until you have media inserted into it, this is unlike windows where you can see the cdrom in explorer as long as it is recogonized by the system.

Turbocharger Apr 20, 2001 04:19 PM
Thanks Octo, but I've tried that. When I put a CD in the drive, it makes some (normal) noise but that's about it. I want to format the drive and start with a clean slate, but everything's on CD so I can't do that.
WillyB Apr 21, 2001 06:13 PM
What brand of CD Drive is it? You may need to use a 3rd party driver extension for it.

WillyB. -MacAddict Extraordinaire
Turbocharger Apr 21, 2001 06:50 PM
It's a Sony, WillyB. I'd appreciate if you could point me in the right direction to finding that extension. In fact I'd be Happy
Ben Boldt Apr 21, 2001 10:50 PM
Apple uses Sony CD-ROM drives in most older Macs. Because of this, I would reccomend trying out Apple's latest CD-ROM driver. You can get it at <a href="">Apple's download site</a>. Just search for Apple CD/DVD driver and download it so you can put it into your extensions folder (in your system folder). If this doesn't work, I would reccomend that you purchase CD-ROM Toolkit (a 3rd-Party CD-ROM driver/accelerator). You can get it at <a href=""></a>. Be sure to check the device list first, though.
jarends Apr 22, 2001 01:42 PM
If its a non-apple drive, you need to get some 3rd party universal drivers.

I have some at work, if I remember I'll look on monday. I think its either shareware or freeware.
Cipher13 Apr 23, 2001 10:46 AM
What kind of CD are you trying to read? If its a CDRW or something, you'll need a multi-read CD drive, which the 6320 doesn't have...
Can you give us more info on the CD itself?

Turbocharger Apr 24, 2001 11:20 AM
It's the original CD-ROM drive for the 6320. Anyway, I'm throwing in the towel on Macs for now. I bought this one to prepare myself for a G4 MP, now I'm wondering if it's really worth all the trouble. Besides, most people on this board seem to really hate their operating system's (OSX) performance. Why should I join? Anyway, thanks to everyone.
jarends Apr 24, 2001 06:40 PM
giving up on the mac because of an old performa not working properly? that was one of apple's worst machines.

Look at a G4, much better computers.

OS X has been working for some people. When Win95 came out, most of the apps weren't ready for it yet, but people still upgraded. These things take time.

The origional 3.X version of NT wasn't exactly a wonderful product. Give a 1.0 OS some time to grow.
Turbocharger Apr 25, 2001 02:32 PM
HMMMmmmmm! I've been eyeing a G4 450MP and it does look good. I'd like to get it, really. Now I've got to get rid of this piece of junk Performa.
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