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6116 Apr 21, 2001 05:18 PM
5300 woes
So I've had a 5300cs for about four months, and while it's great and all, my second AC adapter has been giving me trouble, and they go for up to and over fifty bucks on ebay (what I paid for the powerbook to begin with). The adapter works, but it has to be held in by hand. And here comes the bad idea, last resort question - What are the odds of just soldering the thing on so that I never have to blow another fifty bucks on one of these again. Like I said, this is last resort, the thing isn't much use if I need to use one hand just to keep it on half the time. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

finboy Apr 22, 2001 03:51 PM
Call Apple and send the whole thing back. They'll fix the motherboard and replace the plug on the power adapter for FREE.

Call 1800SOSAPPL and get the REA program or extended warranty program for the 5300/190 powerbook. If it's never been sent back, you'll get a new trackpad, new plastics around the screen, etc. And they'll fix it so the power adapter stops messing up.

$50? You should call that a deal.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
6116 Apr 22, 2001 04:06 PM
Yeah, it's already been through the REA. That's the most frustrating thing about it.
finboy Apr 25, 2001 11:39 AM
If it's acting up, send it back again.

My backup is a 5300c that's been back 4 times.

I had a 5300 a couple years ago that went back 3 times.

That's why they extended the warranties. Hold their feet to the fire.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
6116 Apr 25, 2001 11:46 AM
I called Apple up a while ago, and they told me I'd have to pay for them to look at it again. I forget what they said exactly, it might have something to do with me not being the original owner.
6116 Apr 27, 2001 05:29 PM
Well, I got the power soldered back onto the motherboard. But some of the keys don't work anymore, despite my best attempts to clean the contacts and get them in just right. Anyone know what keyboards are compatible with the 5300/190?
finboy Apr 28, 2001 02:31 PM
Yeah, the 5300 uses the same as the TAM and the 3400.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
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