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DOSorphan Apr 22, 2001 04:59 AM
Radius 8100, how to open?
Howdy folks,
I have a Radius 8100/110 with a dead CD drive. I'd love to replace this drive if only I could figure out how to get the front off. Must I disassemble the whole computer just to remove a drive carrier?

Captain Analogue
drewman Apr 23, 2001 04:09 PM
Basically, yes.

The Radius is a clone of the 8100. The way you get the top off is fairly simple. There are four large screws on the back plate that have to be loosened (should be captive).

Once they are loose, grasp both sides of the unit and pull firmly forward. When the case is halfway off, lift the case directly up.

To reinstall the case, do the same in reverse.

The CD-ROM will be mounted to a sled on sliders in the front bay. Lift up on the tab and the whole unit can be pulled out after the connections are undone.

DOSorphan Apr 25, 2001 12:47 AM
Thanx drewman,
I did that, but the Radius case is different. It has a side panel which removes for adding RAM or cards, and I could only manage to move the case forward a bit after removing the screws at the rear. Anyway, it was much simpler: the whole front panel snaps off. At first, I was afraid to pry too hard or force it, but I saw no other way. No harm done, the insides needed cleaning anyway.

Captain Analogue
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