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Tristrami Apr 24, 2001 03:32 PM
Internal CD-RW in an older Power Mac?
Okay, so the internal CD-ROM drive inside my old mac is clattering, sputtering and wheezing...and I think it' wont' be long before I might need to replace it. I'd REALLY like a new imacs/Power Mac G4 almost expressly for the CDRW, but the $$$ just isn't there. My question: Would it be possible to put an internal CD-RW into an older power mac? And if not, why not (and if so, which ones do you recommend?)?

PM 5400/G3 400
Performa 6116CD
sine -''-..- Apr 24, 2001 04:12 PM
i used my ricoh scsi CD-R in a PM 6100/66 for a while and it buned great... so u should be able to burn on any powermac

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Tristrami Apr 25, 2001 08:27 AM
Sine, how hard was the install? I guess the 6100 case has everyhting sitting there, easy to get to. My 5400 might present a few trickier challenges....

Any recommendations on brands or type?


PM 5400/G3 400
Performa 6116CD
eric e. Apr 25, 2001 08:52 AM
Three years ago I replaced my Power Computing PCP 210's original Teac CD-Rom drive with a Teac CD-R drive and it was no problem for me at all. You have to be a knowlegeable with SCSI jumper settings, as well as a little handy with a philips screwdriver. But once it was done, it was practically troublefree. I just bought a Yamaha CD-RW drive in Singapore, which will replace my Teac CD-R, and I'll install it in my computer when I get back home in June.

When you purchase a CD-RW drive, remember to get an internal SCSI version for your computer. As for software, Toast is all I can think of that works very well.

finboy Apr 25, 2001 11:25 AM
I'm looking to eventually replace mine in a 5400, too.

The front pops right off, and as long as it's the same size as the old one, and has the tray in the same place, you should be OK.

BUT (and this is a big but)

You can't generally BOOT from a CDRW, since it ain't an Apple-ROM drive. If I were you, I'd contact refurbmadness or someone and get a $20 replacement CD, and then get an EXTERNAL SCSI Yamaha or something. Simply so you can preserve the ability to boot from CD in an emergency. Some CDRW MIGHT boot (they'd probably have to be Sony or Mitsumi) but I really doubt that you'll find that capability.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
Tristrami Apr 25, 2001 11:31 AM

I was really hoping you'd chime in on this thread. Your concern is noted and respected. I am probably going to make this upgrade before the original CD-ROM dies, and thus have it on hand as a backup for booting. Any idea about sleds n' screws involved? And is there anything I need to know about the SCSI Pin setup? Thanks!

PM 5400/G3 400
Performa 6116CD
eric e. Apr 25, 2001 07:55 PM
Rule of thumb when replacing internal SCSI drives: place the jumpers in the new drive in the similar way as it was placed in the old drive. And also use the same SCSI plug on the cable that the old drive used.
finboy Apr 28, 2001 02:35 PM
I think the jumpers used to set the SCSI on the CDROM may be different for different manufacturers, but they should be labelled on the board of the drive. Also, they may be those teensy little jumpers, and not the larger, easy to find ones. Finally, check Apple System Profiler for the CDROM's SCSI ID, and set the new one to that as well.

And T, or anybody for that matter, my email is in my profile (I'll make sure it's visible) so you can ALWAYS email with questions if you feel like it.

And the drive on my 5400 is clattering pretty good too, but I think that's just the nature of those old 8X drives.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
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