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Stardust May 11, 2001 03:52 AM
MacClassic as monitor for 7100
hello i want to use an macclassic as an monitor for an 7100.
Dus anyone know if this is possible.
Figure i have to use some sort of IP adressing since the monitor is probably not compatible with the 7100.

Anyone knows how this can be done.

I want to use the setup as my email and Mp3 player at home.
Using the "power" of the 7100 for Mp3 and the cool screen of the Classic as interface

keeping my fingers crossed.
bradoesch May 12, 2001 01:28 PM
Well, you'd have to disassembled the Classic and make your own connector from it's guts to a video connector (very hard). What is this about IP addressing? Maybe I'm just confused. If you did get it all working, you'd have a 9" b/w screen...are you wanting this for a second monitor? Why not find an old 12" RGB model, they are nice, and you don't need to muck around inside the Classic.

Why 1984, won't be
like "1984"
Stardust May 12, 2001 03:25 PM
I want to use the Classic and 7100 as an Mp3 and email machine.
Just using the Classic as the interface . This because it just looks cool. What i figured was that you should be able to run an sort of timbuktu program on the classic using TCP/IPI to use the 7100 as the true machine.

But is still havent found an program on wich this works. There shoould be an simple programm that could do this i guessed.
An i really like the Classic-case because it was the first computer i worked on.
bradoesch May 19, 2001 02:02 AM
BTW, it's "TCP/IP". Not TCP/IPI. Sorry, it just kinda bothered me. I'm still confused as to why you are doing this. You could pick up a cheap older monitor, and it will be colour and much nicer than a Classic's 2-bit B&W display
So you are wanting to connect both machines and have them communicate via TCP/IP, and that is how the 7100 will control the monitor? That's what I understand so far.
Maybe I'm just confused...

Why 1984, won't be
like "1984"
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