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bradoesch May 12, 2001 01:25 PM
Creating a bootable external hard drive
I have a Performa 580CD computer that won't start up (flashing question mark in disk picture). If I HAD disks with system software on them, I'd use those. But, I have an external hard drive that I'm going to use instead. The only problem is, when I start up the computer with it, it says that System 6.05 is not compatible with my Performa (the hard drive was from a Mac Plus, I believe). So I put another system folder on the hard drive (using a Mac Classic, if that matters), renamed the old one, and named the new system folder "Sytem Folder". I tried it again, and it still claims that 6.05 isn't compatible. Now what? Do I need to totally take off the old system folder? In the new system folder, I put the files, System and Finder. Am I missing files? Please help!

One more question about the external hard it just a regular hd in a case, like can I put a bigger one in there to replace it with? Thanks.

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jeromep May 13, 2001 12:52 AM
Sure, starting up off from an external drive is fine, but you have to put the correct minimum OS on the drive that you want to start from. As you know, 6.08 is too low for a 580. You are going to need at least 7.1, and probably something from the 7.1Px series.

I would put that drive on a working computer and install an newer OS on it, getting rid of the previous system folder completly.

As for the specific problem, it sure sounds like you have one blessed system folder and on that isn't despite its install. To unbless a system folder you have to take the Finder out of it and the opposite goes for blessing a system folder.
bradoesch May 13, 2001 02:39 PM
OK, but since I don't have intstallion disks available, can I just move the required files from a working Mac's hard drive to the external one? Or will that not work?
If not, if I would download everything from Apple, then I could put them on PC disks (PC only has floppy drive), copy them to working Mac, then run installer, and voila, create bootable external hard drive. Am I missing something there, or should that not work?
(Oh, 7.5 is the minimum, I just read from Apple)

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etphonehome May 13, 2001 11:47 PM
If you can find a working Mac that has at least System 7.5 (the minimum for your 580), then you should be able to copy the system folder onto your external hard drive and it should work. Remember that for your computer to start up from the external hard drive, you might need to hold down command-option-shift-delete while starting up.

The reason why it's not working to copy the System Folder from your Classic is that it has System 6, which can't run on your Performa.

About your download idea: I don't know if it would work to copy the installer from a PC disk. A better idea would be to download the installer from another mac.

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bradoesch May 14, 2001 08:12 AM
Well, I took off the old system folder, then put a newer one on (not new enough, though). But it still said that System 6.05 is too old. That makes me slighly curious. The capacity of the HD is 18.5MB. Is that because of the formatting that it lost some space, or is there some hidden system folder of 6.05 on there? System 6 does fit on one floppy disk, right? So it's small enough.
Oh, my only Mac with 7.5 is that Performa. So I'm off looking for some system software.
And my only computer with Internet access and floppy drive is a PC.

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