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Rick58 May 19, 2001 01:05 AM
Video card for Perf 6290?
Sorry if this has been covered numerous times ...
What's a decent, cheap comm slot or PDS(?) slot card?

TIA, - Rick.
bradoesch May 19, 2001 01:55 AM
If you're worried about this topic being previously discussed, why not do a search of the forums?

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finboy May 19, 2001 11:58 AM
You might be able to find a PDS card that will work for video-out, but I doubt it. Most are so old that they won't work with PPC.

A better idea, if you need video and the on-board is dead, is to get a replacement motherboard. They're really cheap.

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Rick58 May 19, 2001 10:52 PM
I did a search, but this forum seems to be < a year old. I thought maybe an older unarchived thread may have discussed my request ...

I picked up the 6290CD with an ethernet card, Multiscan 14 Display and Color Stylewriter 4500 all for 100 bucks, seemed like an OK deal for my wife's 5th grade classroom. Better than our old Performa 450 that she uses now!

The on-board video works OK but I read that one can use an auxiliary video card to speed things up ... I'll keep looking at the usual used/refurbed sites. Thanks, - Rick.
Rick58 May 19, 2001 11:23 PM
oh yeah, I realize that with an auxiliary video card, we may hafta remove the ethernet card. No problem, her classroom doesn;t have it anyway. I plan on using our old Platinum 28.8 (flash upgraded to 33.6) modem instead of the built in comm slot modem when I set it up for her next year.
finboy May 20, 2001 06:44 PM
I think if you check at you'll find that the most it will do through the serial port (with an external modem) is about 9600b. I haven't tried it, so I don't know.

That IS a good price, though.

I know what you might want to get. RefurbMadNess has them. It's a video-out connector for the back of the machine. Not a video card -- it uses the on-board video circuit. But it allows TWO monitors (identical/mirror mode) at a time. So you can look at one and drive a projector with the other. Pretty useful, if you need to do that kind of thing. I think refurbmadness calls it a "Apple Presentation System" but if you email them and tell them what you want, they'll know what to send. This plugs into a connector just forward of the processor and the video connection goes in the LC slot opening in the case. Kinda handy to have on a machine.

Shop smart, shop S-Mart! You got that!!?!!
Rick58 May 20, 2001 09:35 PM
I was intrigued by the following from lowendmac x200 article:
"There are a few external modems that use an external port controller mode where the modem provides hardware handshaking (it is usually the computer that does this). If you can find such a modem, you may be able to use a 56k connection. Global Village makes such a modem."
I donno if our Platinum 28.8/33.6 is one of these, but I'll find out ...

finboy, thanks for all the helpful info and web pages to check out. I appreciate it. - Rick.
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