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Greg Gall Sep 6, 2001 01:53 AM
Upgrading a Performa 5200
While I brought up the topic of the Performa 5200:

What can be done to improve this computer's performance and reliability?

MacDaniel suggests a Motherboard swap - has anyone done this?
(If so, what m/b did you use and did you have any problems doing the swap?)

A couple of online articles suggest using motherboards from the following Powermacs: 5400/6400, 6360, 5500/6500.

Before I spend big $$ on a m/b, I would like to be assured that the swap will work! I notice that the 5500/6500 and 6360 seem to use a different power supply, however I am suspicious that the 5200 power supply might still work. Any comments?


Greg (with a pathetic 5200 that he is trying to make internet ready!)
mike one Sep 6, 2001 12:22 PM

this was the first mac that i owned and i still have it.

To my knowledge the only upgrade for this machine is to a 5400 or 5500.

If you've ever taken apart the 5200 you will notice that the whole motherboard can be pulled from the back of the macine. It is essentially one big board that fits in a socket, just like an atari 2600 cartridge.

the only screws that require tools are on the back panel of the case.

i've seen advertisements for 5500 Motherboards that require you to trade in the 5200 board. check the back of a issue of macworld.

for more info on the upgrade, and whether or not 6XXX series MBs will work go to or it should say there.

honestly i think the 5400 or 5500 is your ONLY choice. not a bad one either i think it came with a 200MHz(5500) processor, better than the 75 that is in the 5200.

good luck
WillyB Sep 6, 2001 10:35 PM
Check out MacGurus Site for some other info regarding this machine
Hope it helps in your decision making...
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