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Hobbes May 21, 2001 03:48 AM
Connecting with System 7.5
I converted to the Mac when it was System 8.6. From system 8 to X, I can do pretty much any troubleshooting I need to. However, I'm not real familiar with 7.5. the trouble I'm in right now is, I have a couple of these older machines that I'm in the process of troubleshooting for a couple of clients, and I'm pulling my hair out trying to get them online.

One was working perfectly fine, until the lady that owns it booted off the CD. Now it no longer connects, saying that it needs Open Transport. The second machine has not been able to get online since the current owner acquired it.

Both machines have PPP control panel installed. Is Open Transport part of a custom install? Does it have to be downloaded? Or am I missing something obvious here?

Thanks in advance.
MacMonster May 21, 2001 06:43 AM
Open Transport requires System 7.5.3, do not work with 7.5, you need MacTCP or FreePPP instead.

Cipher13 May 21, 2001 08:12 AM
I also recommend you update to at least 7.5.5 (7.5.3 rev b) or better yet, 7.6.1 which is VERY stable and fast...

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Hobbes May 21, 2001 09:32 AM
My apologies. Actually 7.5.3 is what both of them have. Didn't realize .3 would make that much difference.

But you already helped. Once of them has MacPPP and FreePPP, so I guess I just have to figure out why its not working correctly.

Hobbes May 21, 2001 02:18 PM
Thanks again for the help. I just back from a service call on one of the computers. Was able to get it running with minimal headache.

Thanks again.
the grouch May 22, 2001 03:43 AM
If you must run a 7.5x variant, 7.5.3 is definitely the way to go. The most stable of a bad lot


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etphonehome May 23, 2001 07:16 PM
If you have a copy of 7.6.1, definitely upgrade to it. However, it probably isn't worth it to buy a copy, since any computer that can't run it is probably too old to be very useful anymore. Insted, save your money for a new iMac.
Master G May 29, 2001 05:49 PM
Dear Hobbes,

They are right, I had the same problem, And another problem (Network card was not seen), I installed Mac OS 7.6.1 and the Network card was detected and OT works.. By the way, Mac OS 7.6.1 has morw a look of OS 8! It has a Appletalk & TCP/IP Controlpanel in place of Network & MacTCP!


Kasper Schoonman (NL)
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