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jme May 21, 2001 04:33 AM
A few years ago I had this problem with the battery in my LCIII. I used MacOS 7.5 on it when the battery just died... I had to set the date and time verytime a booted the puter. But with 7.6 the problme was gone and the date&time always set correctly. Now I wonder why? I donīt rememebr if the problem came back after a while but anyway...
jeromep May 21, 2001 09:43 PM
I seriously doubt that this has anything to do with the OS, so much as it has to do with the condition of the battery. If you replaced the battery, then you shouldn't have to reset the date all of the time. If you haven't replaced the battery in the life of your computer, go out and do that tomorrow.
andi*pandi May 22, 2001 04:06 PM
I replaced the battery on my LCIII, it was easy and cheap (<$10). Not sure why error messages would appear to go away with OS upgrade, perhaps new os more energy efficient?

However, I would not trust it and would change the battery ASAP.
ddiokno May 22, 2001 05:36 PM
After you changed the battery, did you also zap the PRAM? Sometime the contents of PRAm get corrupted and even though you put a new battery in, there might be remnants of information there that might not totally refresh... so you might want to try zapping the PRAM...
good luck
bradoesch May 22, 2001 09:01 PM
To zapp the PRAM, you hold down: Apple, Option, P and R at startup, listen to the chime, and then let go. Some people suggest waiting for two of three chimes, but I believe the first chime is the one that zaps the PRAM.

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like "1984"
capone May 30, 2001 12:55 PM
I always wait for about eight chimes. The first one is the most effective, but I want to make sure that the PRAM is nice and clean.


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bradoesch Jun 2, 2001 01:57 AM
Or you could download TechTool (free version) from Micromat's web site ( Then simply tell the program to Zap your PRAM, and it'll do it for you, without guessing how many chimes to hear.

Why 1984, won't be
like "1984"
jzaw Jun 3, 2001 09:57 PM
my first mac was an lc3
i still have it and it still works a treat
mac os 7.6 running on it

i dont use it for any thing serious now but i do still use it to AppleTalk Bridge for my LaserWriter NTR
the NTR doesnt have a ethernet connection but the lc3 with PDS Slot 10bT card works a smoothy and the rest of the network i have here sees the printer in their choosers (even the pc {spit, cough, splutter--- sorry} with PC MacLAN sees the NTR via AT Bridge in its chooser)

dont you love it when something 9 - 10 years old will still work like the day it was bought!!

binky_says_hi Jun 5, 2001 12:57 AM
I'm sorry I don't quite follow the problem?

Is it the batery change or the OS upgrade...I've got an LC III
running OS 7.6.1, 20Mb RAM/1Gb HD - in 2000 I finally changed
the battery, I got sick of seeing 'August/1956' for all dates.

Have U changed the battery or did you just update the OS.
PS--> RE: PRAM, how can U zap something that's not there...that why U change the battery?

[ 06-05-2001: Message edited by: binky_says_hi ]
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