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CyberDave May 31, 2001 05:05 PM
Apple Firewire Kit
Apple advertised the Apple Firewire Kit as being for use in a beige G3 system. Anyone have any experience using this card for storage devices (specifically CD-RW) on an older Mac (it would be used in a 6400 or Mactell 4400-based clone)?


jeromep Jun 17, 2001 04:26 AM
I can't speak directly about the Apple Firewire Kit, but the general idea behind putting a PCI firewire card in a Platnum G3 (take a good look it's an off-white that leans toward grey, they only turn off-white that leans toward brown if they sit in the sun or are very old) is so that you can hook up firewire devices, all of them. This category is most heavily populated by drives of many different flavors, with Dig8 and MiniDV camcorders and scanners coming in behind.

Knowing Apple, they have not developed the actual PCI card in the kit, but have purchased it from Adaptec or another interface card manufacturer. You don't necessarily need to go to Apple to get a quality firewire card for your older G3.

I hope this helps..
ddiokno Jun 17, 2001 04:38 AM
Hi Cyberdave,
Firewire PCI cards work well in many machines when used with hard drives and cdr/w drives. It absolutely will not work with iMovie on a preG3 machine (even the earlier G3's have some problems with video editing due to the slower system bus). I have a friend who has a firewire card in a 6500 and uses a sony firewire CDr/w... so it should work....
good luck
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