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dark3lf Jun 3, 2001 11:50 AM
SCSI HD for Mac Quadra 800
Can anyone tell me if this is an appropriate drive to purchase for a Quadra 800?

* Seagate Model: ST410800N
* Formatted Capacity of 9,090 MegaBytes
* Internal Transfer Rate 44-65 mbits/sec
* External Burst Transfer Rate of 10 mbyte/sec
* 5400 rpm Spindle Speed
* 5.5 ms Average Latency
* 1024 Kbyte Read Look-Ahead, Adaptive, Multi-Segmented Cache Buffer
* SCSI-2 Narrow Interface
* 11ms Average Access Time
* Drive Only

Product Requirements
* 50-pin Narrow -SCSI Controller
* Available 5.25'' Full-Height Drive Bay
* Available HDD Power Connector
If it is, what a sweet deal for $30! If not, can I accommodate a SCSI 3 68 pin HD?
reader50 Jun 3, 2001 12:17 PM
That is a good deal. A SCSI-3 drive would be wasted unless you bought a wide-SCSI controller card to go with it.

For $30 for a 9 GB, it's hard to go wrong. I'd grab it.
Walter J. Ferstl Jun 4, 2001 02:14 PM

in support of reader50's posting:

A true 50-pin drive is clearly better that any 68-to-50 adapted drive in you case. The internal SCSI interface in your Quadra is exactly this 50-pin interface, provided there will be room enough for this drive inside the Quadra case (at 5.25", it is a little bulky for today's standards; "full height" means around 2 inches, I think).

If Apple's tools do not recognize the drive for formatting, give FWB toolkit a try.

Good luck,

reader50 Jun 4, 2001 03:35 PM
Originally posted by Walter J. Ferstl:
<STRONG>...If Apple's tools do not recognize the drive for formatting, give FWB toolkit a try...</STRONG>
Walter, thanks for that reminder! I had forgotten about that.

dark3lf, I have the patcher program for HD SC Setup 7.3.5 that will make it work on non-Apple SCSI drives. I can't seem to access your email address from the Forum icon, so if you want a copy please send me an email.
capone Jun 6, 2001 09:46 PM
If you dont have an internal cd rom then you can put it in that bay, otherwise you will have to find some sort of external enclosure for it. Looks like a good buy to me. I use FWB with my LCIII and it works great. Go for it and good luck.
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