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webslinga32 Jun 3, 2001 02:22 PM
powerbook 170-imac-internet
is there away to connect a powerbook 170 to an imac so that i can share cable internet? if so what browsing software is there? for the powerbook i wouldn't mind a text only there any that would work? thanks. :)
bradoesch Jun 7, 2001 07:05 AM
There are two ways I can think of:
  • Ethernet. Get an ethernet hub, and connect both computers to it, as well as the cable modem (into the 'uplink' port). This would require an ethernet connection on the PowerBook (which it does't have). But if there is some way to get it (PC cards, ???) then this would work.
  • Routing. Use a program called 'IPNetRouter' Sustainable Softworks to make the iMac act as a software router to share the connection with your PowerBook. Once again, you'll have to find a way to connect the machines together, which I don't know how to do.
Good luck!
jeromep Jun 7, 2001 09:19 PM
I've seen it done before, and it works, but certainly isn't my first choice for networking old hardware. The only way that you can connect a 170 to an Ethernet based network is to go out scrounging around for a PowerBook SCSI ethernet adapter. Once that is done you can have a nice little AppleTalk netowrk with your iMac.

You can only install routing software if the computer that will act as the router has two ethernet cards, one that is the input from your DSL/cable adapter, and one that goes out to the network (hub) to feed all of the associated computers. The iMac has only one ethernet connection and no way to add another. So, you will have to go out and get a cheep older Mac with dual ethernet to play router. It will then feed data to all computer connected on the inside of your network.

It would probably be easier to purchase one of those SOHO routers that are out there for $200 or a little more.

Unfortunatly, after you are done purchasing all of the required parts, pieces and items to make all of this work you would have been better off getting an iBook and connecting that up.

As for browsers, there are no good browsers that will work acceptably with your 170, unless you consider Netscape 2 or Mosaic to be acceptable. Well, you might, but most web sites won't.

I don't think this will be worth the trouble or cost to do. Sorry.
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