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Steve Jun 3, 2001 10:39 PM
Overclocking Centris
Does anyone know someplace on the web, or actually know how to, and if you can, overclock a centris? I just picked it up for a buck and wanna mess with it... so please tell me ! thanks
capone Jun 6, 2001 09:51 PM
sounds challenging. I'll get to work in my centris. meanwhile check out I'll get back to you whith the results from mine.
jeromep Jun 7, 2001 09:28 PM
In general, 68k processors were build to run a specific speed. Unlike PowerPC or any modern desktop processors, 68k motherboards do not have any widgets that are visible and available to mess with the clock speed. If you want to fry a perfectly good computer, just try this once.
capone Jun 7, 2001 09:49 PM
after looking over my centris, i agree with jeromep. I'm not going to try it, and I suggest you dont either. Too bad though.
Steve Jun 7, 2001 11:40 PM
thanks jeromep. i was playing around a little bit on the motherboard and though "doesn't look like I can overclock this baby". So I put a cd-rom drive in it and closed it back up. Oh well, that's too bad.... maybe i'll move onto the performa.... hehehe. :cool:

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itomato Jun 8, 2001 04:25 AM
Where there's a will, there's a way...
zac4mac Jun 9, 2001 03:28 PM
Here's another source for hot-rodding older Macs...
finboy Jun 10, 2001 05:23 PM
You should check out the micromacs site. They used to be the KINGS of overclocking.

In fact, try this link

Good luck. Most Centrii are still viable for special purposes, such as running a cheapo web cam or being a print server. If nothing else, you should set it up with a free OS download and give it to a kid.
bugs Jun 10, 2001 06:00 PM
There is an equation to consider that helps to understand the value of your effort. As I recall, you take the hourly value of your time and the number of hours you work on a project to get the value of the finished product.
Thus, if your time is worth $10/hour and you work on the project 40 hours, then your result cost $400 plus the cost of parts. In the case of a Centris, you might think that you have quadrupled its value.
Unfortunately, the formula only measures the cost of the project, not its value to others. You prabably still have a sub-$100 machine. Your $400 could have gone toward a truly powerful machine that could use for productive purposes. Like reading these words that wasted my time and yours.

Good luck!
Steve Jun 11, 2001 01:04 AM
But where's the fun in that!? It's like car lovers not fixing up their '64 Mustang, spending 800 hours on it, valued at $10 an hour, so about $8,000, which could get u a little bit newer and useable Mustang. It's just fun to do it, and i feel accomplished if I got it done..... Plus, the centris is the best computer ....... EVER.... no competition.
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