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jchan Jun 12, 2001 07:32 PM
upgrading PowerTower Pro 225
Hi everyone,

I have a Power Computing PowerTower Pro 225 that I'd really like to upgrade for purposes of speed and an OS upgrade to 9.0. I've read the gamut of posts on this and other sites and read up info at I like to get a G4/400-450Mhz PCI card (or higher if available). The overall consensus seems to lean heavily on NewerTech, with a lot of horror stories from other manufacturers. PowerLogix seems to receive favorable mention for their G3 cards on the PowerTower Pro, but I haven't found info for their G4 card. Does anyone have any comments/recommendations?


jeromep Jun 17, 2001 03:59 AM
NewerTech is out of business. Sorry! If you are finding their hardware in the retail pipe it is the last of their creations. NewerRAM I believe is still in business, but they were spun off from NewerTech a number of years back.

I'm a huge fan of Sonnet upgrades. They probably put in the most effort to create a no brainer upgrade product.

There is only one issue I have with your upgrade plans, you are applying an upgrade to a clone. Clones are unpredictable in their performance after an upgrade is applied. I'm sure that many people have had good luck, but luck is the key word here. Find a company, other than NewerTech that specifically supports the computer you are putting the upgrade in and specifically states that the OS version you want to use, or is acceptable will work with the upgrade and system you have.
<day0ne> Jul 12, 2001 01:40 AM
I have a PowerTower Pro 225 with a Sonnet G3-400 upgrade. Works great and runs exactly the way Sonnet said it would. The only problem is I don't always have a startup chime. Sonnet said not to worry, that they see that ocassionly. Don't know if I believe them or not, but it runs great and only cost $179 at the tine. BTW, Sonnet lists this caed for the PTP.
BTP Jul 18, 2001 01:48 AM
I upgraded a PTP 225 and I put in a PowerLogix G3 450 ZIF, lots of memory, a Belkin USB card and bought a Sonnett PCI IDE adapter and a 7200RPM drive.

I am very happy, the machine is fast, but you have to consider getting a new machine at some time. I recommend Powerlogix, I am very happy with them.

You can likely get OS X on the PTP too. see
jchan Jul 18, 2001 02:30 AM
Thanks y'all for all the advice. I decided to go for the Power Logix G4 400 card. But unfortunatley they sent me the right box-sleeve with the wrong box and product. They sent me an upgrade card for a a blue and white G3, I sat there there for a good 1/2 hour feeling like an idiot wondering where the heck that tiny card goes.

So in the meantime, I had already upgraded from OS 8.1 to 9.1 in anticipation of the new speedy card. 9.1 on a 225Mhz machine is soooo painfully slow. Hopefully the "dependable" online shop I used will finally get it's return procedures in gear.

Korv Jul 18, 2001 08:04 PM
Power Tower Pro 225

That has got to be one of the greatest Macs ever released. Definatly the best non-Apple. Glad to hear y'all are still gettin' good use outta them.

Just wanted to have a little love in. :)
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