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tocrawfo Jun 16, 2001 11:20 PM
Ultra ATA 66/100 PCI Cards
I have a mac 7200/75. I want to upgrade the hard drive on it. I have a 2gb IDE drive already. Has anyone used one of the PCI Ultra ATA controller cards in a macintosh computer?
jeromep Jun 17, 2001 03:43 AM
I have not personally used any IDE/ATA PCI cards in Macs, but friends of mine have used the product put out by Adaptec. They make great SCSI cards that work very well with Macs and their IDE product, according to those I know that have used it, is excellent.
<day0ne> Jul 12, 2001 01:47 AM
The one put out by VST (made by Promise)works like a champ in a PCI Mac (9500 clone)and is the only one that supports IDE CD-ROMs and CD-RWs.It's great to be able to use a $69 CD-RW in a Mac and the card only costs $85-$90 at OWC and includes SoftRaid and two ATA66 cables
Paul S Aug 2, 2001 10:28 AM
I had a Sonnet Tempo card in my Mac and had nothing but problems. I'd stay away from them.
<Mad_Hatter> Aug 2, 2001 11:36 AM
Keep your eye out for the new PCI IDE ATA/100 cards - they are promising better support for legacy 7xxx.
l008com Aug 2, 2001 09:46 PM
I used a Tempo in my 7500, and it worked great, except it didn't play movies very well, but it played audio fine, i didn't have those snaps and crackels i've heard others complain about. But I also had upgraded the processor to a 500MHz G3, that might have helped the situation. But I keps a 9 GB SCSI drive in there to, adn used it for the things that required a disk with better performance
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