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Tristrami Jun 24, 2001 11:58 PM
Connecting a PPC 5400 & Phonograph
What's the best way to do this. I haev the TV tuner installed, but I have a feeling this is immaterial. Yes the phonograph has a built-in pre-amp, but I was wondering if anyone could give me a hint as to where/how to plug it in and what software (sound recorder? authentic sound recorder? quicktime?) I should use. I read this low end mac article, but it seems to leave out a few steps, or at least assume knowledge of the process that I don't have....
finboy Jun 25, 2001 12:02 AM
If it has line levels out from the phonograph, you can plug it into the Sound in port with the right connector from Radio Shack. You need an RCA female (probably) to a 1/8" stereo male. You could also use the audio feed from the video board, but I think most apps wouldn't support that for recording. You need to tell the mac, via the Sound control panel, which source you're using.

MacAddict had an article on this in July 1999. Don't ask me how I remember that. Eventually, I'll put my entire precious collection of Chess 8-tracks and old albums on CD for posterity.
Tristrami Jun 25, 2001 12:13 AM
Finboy, you rock. Thanks as ever for your wisdom. I just found this superb article, which might help anyone else in my predicament:

I'll let you know how my LP to MP3 conversions work...
nonhuman Jun 25, 2001 01:49 AM
If you're encoding them into MP3 you might want to consider N2MP3, $60 from Proteron, it lets you record straight into MP3 format, and gives a choice of 3 different MP3 codecs to record with (for different levels of accuracy and/or encoding speed). If you're running OS X, there's a Carbon version on the way. It's certainly a lot easier than recording into AIFF then converting to MP3.
Tristrami Jun 25, 2001 06:51 PM
Nonhuman - I really do appreciate your input but I'm trying not to spend more $$ on this (The $2.49 for the Y-splitter at Radio Shack was MORE than budget for) and furthermore, my Power Mac 5400 will not likely ever run OS X...

Does anyone have a suggestion for how I can ground the phono?
Tristrami Jun 26, 2001 09:23 AM
Got my answer here:

What a great site. I hope that Dan Knight stops talking about the damn micropayments soon though.....

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