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slider Nov 10, 1999 08:16 PM
Old Mac II cx
First, I know, it is more of a fiddling thing . I don't need this mac, but I am trying to learn on it. This is what I need to know. I have been trying to get this thing online, but things have not been going too well. I want to Erase the whole hard drive and completely reinstall the OS (7.5.3-->7.5.5) but I am not sure how I would go about doing this. I am using a zip dirve on it. I was thinking to install the software all I would need to do is start the Mac off of the zip drive, but after thinking about it I don't think that would work. I have seen it done but I don't remember how it was done. Is there a utility that I need to do this. And once again, I know that this is no web browsing machine. It's about learning.

Thanks, slider
drewman Nov 11, 1999 06:05 PM
If you install a system on the zip drive, it will boot off the zip if you choose it in Startup Disk, or the internal drive doesn't have a system on it.

slider Nov 12, 1999 08:58 PM
Are you telling me that I can actually install the OS on the zip? How do I delete the HD? How do I get the new OS on to the Mac from the zip.

drewman Nov 13, 1999 09:25 PM
When you install the software, choose the zip disk as the disk to install to.

Then, make sure you have the disk utility for your computer which would be HD SC Setup installed on the zip disk.

Open up the Startup Disk control panel and choose the zip disk.

When you reboot your system, the zip disk should light up and boot your system. Run HD SC Setup to intialize your drive, then copy the system folder from the zip drive to the newly formatted hard drive.

This will wipe any data from your system, so make sure you have a backup.

If you just want a clean system install without wiping the hard drive, then run the installer and press CMD-SHIFT-K together and a menu will pop up that you can select clean install from. Once installed you will have a "Previous System Folder" as well as a "System Folder"

Good luck!

slider Nov 15, 1999 03:08 AM
Thanks Drewman, it went smoothly.
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