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dirkjello Nov 5, 1999 11:33 AM
Upgrading an APS M*Power?

I've been looking into the possibility of upgrading my M*Power 604e/200 machine with a G3-L2 board as well as some form of video card upgrade. It's a mixed-use machine; I do both graphic design work and gaming on it. I'm looking for the best performance for the money, as I am unable to currently afford a REAL upgrade (ie, buying a loaded G4).

I've been looking at the Newer 300/200 card for the processor upgade, and still undecided for the video upgrade (between an ATI Orion and a 3dfx Voodoo3, with other options possibly considered). Does anyone have any suggestions and/or comments about possible upgrade options?

sek929 Nov 6, 1999 07:35 PM
Thought the vodoo and orion are good the Ati Rage Nexus card bests then all with 32 megs of video ram (and 128 bit of course) as apposed to the 16mb in the others.
sek929 Nov 6, 1999 07:38 PM
Sorry, I made a mistake, the card is the Ati Nexus not Ati [Rage] Nexus
drewman Nov 7, 1999 08:41 PM
A fast L2 cache upgrade will cost around $400-$500 at least and a video card will cost about $150-$250.

You have just arrived in the neighborhood of the low cost iMac ($999) with a 350Mhz processor, 100Mhz bus, and a Rage 128 with 8MB of RAM.

The monitor is small for graphics work, but you could hook up your exisiting monitor (if it was larger) to the new VGA out port.

Just a thought.


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dirkjello Nov 8, 1999 11:06 AM
Are there any advantages to the Nexus card other than it having 32 megs of memory?

Regarding the recommendation to buy an iMac...
First of all, the Newer card is $399, and a new video card will cost at most $250, which brings the cost of an upgrade around $650.. this is far less expensive than buying a new iMac at $999. Secondly, buying an iMac would invalidate almost $1000 worth of peripherals I already have and depend on in my daily use, and would require even more cash to purchase new, compatible versions or adapters in order for them to work.

I appreciate the suggestions, but I need some more substantial information than someone telling me "Just buy this." If anyone has any experiences with upgrading a system like this (either processor or video, or both), any information they could pass along would be most beneficial.

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