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PWH Nov 27, 1999 10:24 PM
Using an Older Mac as a server
I have Radius 81/100 (or something like that) mac clone. It's an 80 Mhz 601 processor with 96Mb of RAM and a Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 graphics board in it. I recently bought a G3 400 and have networked the machines together nicely. I want to continue using the Radius as a server (for it's hard drive). The problem is I don't want to hang a monitor off it. Everytime I start up the machine with no monitor it doesn't show up on my network. If the monitor's attached everything is golden. Anybody know about this?
Kocher Nov 28, 1999 03:41 PM
Im not sure about clones, but I found this in a TIL file ...

"The majority of Macintosh and Power Macintosh computers support their use without a monitor attached or any adapter connected to the video port.
One notable exception is the Quadra 700, 900, and 950 systems; they require System software version 7.1 or later to run headless.
You should also disable any screen savers. When the Macintosh starts up, the screen saver checks to see what size monitor is attached so it can size its modules accordingly. Since no monitor is connected, the screen saver could cause the computer to not start up properly."

PWH Nov 28, 1999 04:06 PM

On my Radius almost all extensions except filesharing are off. I don't have any screensavers or anything like that. I'm completely mystified. I've asked Radius but they haven't supported that machine for about 5 years. Hmmm........
Walter J. Ferstl Nov 28, 1999 04:08 PM

have you ever tried to start up your clone with just a *monitor cable* attached to it?

Just an idea,

Kocher Nov 30, 1999 05:46 PM
One thing you might try is setting the resolution to standard (640x480). Maybe (Just a guess) your computer starts up at 640x480 then "jumps" to a different res. after start up. Could that be the problem?
Kocher Nov 30, 1999 05:47 PM
Also, dont use the Radius video board with the machine. 3rd party video cards might not support a "headless" configuration.
zolis Dec 2, 1999 05:41 PM
Kocher, ah, Radius a 3rd party monitor on a Radius machine? Well, I guess this could be true, depending on how much the Radius mother board was based on it's 950 cousine. It does bring up an interesting question. I suppose as a clone running the same OS as the 950, the graphics card would probably appear third party. But than again this deppends on what Radius set up with Apple when designing their machine.
Kevin_Pfohl Dec 6, 1999 12:03 AM
The Radius models were in no way, shape, or form connected to the Quadra models. Apple producted the Quadras before PowerPC models came into existance. The Radius models were based upon the PowerMac 6100, 7100, and 8100, which all have the same problem regarding headless applications, and there is one solution that works rather nicely and is not too expensive. A VGA Monitor adaptor (one that lets you use a PC monitor on your mac), when connected to your monitor port on your mac, tricks the mac into thinking there's a monitor connected to it and everything goes as normal. I've done this with both a 6100 and 8100 and they work beautifully this way, yet they didn't work properly before.
PWH Dec 6, 1999 09:01 AM
I'm gonna go get a monitor adaptor today and try it out. I thought of that but didn't know if the board would react strangely without a load on it. Thanks for tipping me off. As far as running the machine without the Radius board - there is no other video in the machine. It would be a pain to have to re-install the board every time one wanted to change something. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks all!
Sixpack Dec 12, 1999 11:03 AM
you can also try out Timbuktu 5.22 for controlling the server via your other mac. Then you would not need a monitor for configuration!

CJFlynn Dec 13, 1999 12:37 PM
Try the Gefen mini PC/Mac ( It allows one monitor to handle two computers actively.

schuss Jun 20, 2000 02:12 PM
OK, I have tried this with an 8100 and can't get it to work. What's the trick? I've got a Mac-to-PC VGA adapter that i've tried on both the Apple AV card video out, and on a radius nubus card video out, and both times i get no-monitor warnings from the system software, and timbuktu. (btw, you can use "exchange" with timbuktu on a headless system, but not "look" or "control"). the only other thing i haven't tried is the high-density video out on the 8100's motherboard - is that the one i need to put an adapter on to fake the system out? that's a whole other adapter... or am i just missing something. Kevin_Pfohl - what exactly did you do to your 8100? what's your configuration?
tonymac Jun 20, 2000 08:24 PM
My trusty Quadra 800 is running perfectly without a monitor. I just plugged a Mac to VGA snyc adapter into the video port (with the adapter set for a 14" Fixed res 640x480). I control the server remotely with Timbuktu.
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