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bamadhaj Apr 30, 2000 11:17 PM
IIvx upgrade to 7100 , possible ?
Is it possible ( besides the consideration of costs ) to upgrade a IIvx to a 7100 ? I'm aware that one of the upgrade paths for a IIvx is a Quadra 650 motherboard and that a Quadra 650 can upgraded via a 7100 motherboard . so would it be possible to jump straight to a 7100 ?

also which 7100 motherboard as there are a few variants .

thank you .
jonlipka May 1, 2000 02:50 PM
unless you really love that machine go out and get a new/used box. If money is tight, but you like the desktop formfactor, go get a 7500 or 7600. You'll get a better video subsystem (especially if you don't have a HPV or AV card lying around), faster bus, much faster RAM, a replacably CPU, and PCI slots.

The only real reason to keep your old machine is if you have some killer NuBus cards. Really, the cost difference pales when looking at how much more you get
wageslave May 1, 2000 04:26 PM
Shreve Systems ( a IIvx to 7100/80 upgrade with motherboard trade-in for $250 ($300 if you keep the IIvx board), so it can be done. I have no idea if Shreve offers the best price on this and I've never dealt with them before, but it can be done.

That said, the previous poster is correct that getting a different machine would certainly be the better move financially. For instance, Shreve also sells a refurbished Power Computing clone of the 7500/100 (minus the A/V ports) for $100, though you'd be shelling out more to outfit it with memory. That would get you a clear path to a G3 upgrade if you so desired. If you're really attached to the idea of a 7100, they can be had on eBay for under $200 including memory, drives, etc. Or if you don't want to go with a clone, 7500's are going for around $300-400 on eBay.
bamadhaj May 2, 2000 12:24 AM
thnks for the info !
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