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Walker Dec 2, 2001 05:19 PM
bad power supply fan in PowerMac 6500?
Hello everyone,

I've had my PowerMac 6500 sitting in the basement for awhile after I replaced it with a newer computer. Today I decided to fire it up, and get it ready to sell, and it made a pretty harsh sound. It sounded just like it did a couple of years ago when I had to replace a bad power supply fan (mac technician did it).

Is it normal for a powersupply in the 6500 to be faulty? How hard would it be for me to replace it on my own?


<cb> Dec 9, 2001 01:29 AM
I did it. It was easy.I used the directions off of the 6400 Zone. Good luck
<Anthology123> Dec 14, 2001 01:01 PM
It could be the CPU fan instead. You can check by unplugging that fan on the MB. If the noise is still there, then you know. The CPU fan is much easier to fix than the PS fan.
yukon Dec 14, 2001 04:21 PM
I have an old 6100. it works well, but gets very hot (crappy heatsink/ventalation/case design. lately the powersupply fan noise has become very loud. low end mac says to replace the fan with a better more silent one.

I have no idea what kind of fan I should buy. I'd like to keep downtime at a minimum. oes anyone have the fan specs or directions on how to open such a powersupply?
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