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madmacks May 8, 2000 05:29 PM
PM 8500 and iMovie
Iíve got a PowerMac 8500 with AV inputs and outputs (upgraded to a 300mhz G3). Iíve also loaded iMovie (thanks Apple!) and it works great. Iíve been able to use QuickTime Pro to export movie clips to DV format and I should hopefully be able to load them into iMovie using the method outlined in Appleís TIL.

However, Iíd really like to be able to hook up my VCR or other non-digital input device to the AV ports on the PM8500 and capture video and audio. I could then use the QuickTime Pro trick to import the clips into iMovie.

I have absolutely no idea how to do this! The user manual is not helpful. I canít afford to go out and buy an expensive video capture software package. Does anyone know how I can accomplish my goal for a reasonable amount of money? Iíve got friends that have non-digital video cameras that I can use but I donít know what software is available to take advantage of the AV ports on my Mac. Web searches have not helpedÖ

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, MadMacksÖ
Rod Martin May 9, 2000 10:36 AM
I'm not at my 8500 at home, so I can't help as much as I could, but I'll try.

Capturing video on the 8500 is FREE! Unless you've trashed a lot of pre-installed software that came with the 8500, you should be able to find an app called Video something-or-other that allows you to record video from the AV inputs. (it kinda looks like a television monitor with LED "channels" that would work if you had Apple's TV card installed, but you don't need the card to capture video). If you can't find it, it should still be on your original OS CD that shipped with the 8500.
Gidora May 9, 2000 11:09 AM
First off, it won't support iMovie or DV unless you install a firewire card.

1. For analog capture via the built-in jacks, you can just use Apple Video Player, make sure QuickTime is installed. Because of limitations in the HD's speed and other factors (RAM, VRAM...), you won't be able to capture at full resolution (640x480 @ 30fps). But you should be able to manage half those rates. If you want to go full rez, you'll have to invest in a lot more hardware - RAID array/ultra SCSI, etc. You'l need Premiere or some other QT based analog video editor.

2. THEN you need to upgrade the VRAM on the 8500. It comes with 2M, but you'll need at least 4M in order to "output" to tape. It just doesn't have enough juice otherwise - everything turns black.

There are few more tweaks to the monitor and s/w you can make to optimize previews and what not. MacWorld had a great article on this a few years back.

That's all!
madmacks May 9, 2000 11:33 AM
Thanks to both of you... appreciate the feedback.

Gidora, I'm able to run iMovie without any problems other than an iMovie startup message telling me that firewire is not working. I've taken still images and created little "Ken Burns like" have my kids. The software really is slick! I also have the extra VRAM and a nice 21" Radius monitor. I'll search for that article...

Rod, I'll look at the original CD and see if the software is there. I hope it runs under MacOS 9. It should...

Thanks, again...I'll try and post a follow-up. MadMacks...
Darby May 9, 2000 02:01 PM
The software is the Apple Video Player, and a full install of OS 9 should include it.
skabaru May 9, 2000 03:14 PM
actually, the video in on the 8500 (and the personality card on the beige G3's) don't have the ability to take in anything over 320x240, half screen, regardless of other hardware.

and video player is standard os install. premiere, strata videshop, etc all work for input through composite/s-video too.

I have gotten lazy enough to run a signal from my vcr into the tv so that I can watch picture in monitor while I work... and it is hardware driven, so it will flow fine, without hindering other work you are doing....
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