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Dial762100 May 13, 2000 11:43 PM
Perfoma 6300CD file sharing
I have a Performa 6300CD networked through a Asante Friendlynet hub to a G4 which had been working fine until today. I keep getting the error message "File sharing could not be enabled" when I try to open file share to let the G4 '"see" the Perfoma. The Perfoma has several partions and I was running OS 8.6, I also tried OS 8.5 and I did a clean install of OS8.6 to an empty partion, all to no avail. The network is up, I can connect to the G4 and the Performa can connect to the internet, but file sharing will not work. I'm stumped. If it isn't software, the Perfoma has a Macally LC PDS ethernet card which is only 3 months old and as I said I can transfer files to the Performa but I can't get access to it from the G4. Regards, Fred
Dial762100 May 14, 2000 02:08 AM
Solved the problem, each drive or partition has to have at least 360K of free space, I copied a large file to a partition and left almost no space. File share will not enable if any partition or drive doesn't have enough space available.
There is an excellent posting on the Apple Tech site which addresses this issue:
garrettnelson May 14, 2000 11:24 AM
Where did you find that PDS ethernet card? I have the same machine and have been looking for a way to get it connected to the Ethernet for a long time.
wlonh May 14, 2000 11:37 AM
ebay is filthy with 'em... cheap cheap, like $15-25

my seller's name was napeca, that might help you... guy was no-nonsense

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Dial762100 May 14, 2000 12:38 PM
If E-bay is not your cup of tea, I got my card and assante hub from Small Dog Electronics, very helpful, good prices and quick service. It is a Macally card for around $40 I think?? Regards, Fred
garrettnelson May 14, 2000 06:41 PM
Thanks, now I have to determine just how much I want that computer on the network....
MacOS761 May 14, 2000 09:23 PM
LC PDS ethernet cards can also be had from, manufactured by asante and farallon. i will be getting one of these for my 630CD soon from either my boss or one of these places
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