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MAGNETO May 21, 2000 01:56 AM
Is my HD Toast? (sorta long)

Hi fellow mac useres,

I have a prob, on one of my older machines a PM6100/66, I ran Norton DD on it and it said I had unrecoverable problems , so I re-installed the system and did the usual stuff and it went away, then I started having all sorts of error (ESP Type2) {im running 7.6.1 BTW} , so I ran DD again and this time it check the problems anf fixed it, Sooo after that I rand Speed disk to check my frag and I see a whole lot of black spot on the drive (color image) marked " ? " and some are marked " ? orphan 8565865" and yadda yadda yadda, and I keep noticeing my drive space flucutuated, At first I didn't notice it becasue I was running VM alot, But I seem to lose space quite ab bit esp after a crash, like if im dling a MP3, it'll lock up hard, I'll reboot, the MP3 will be not visible anywhere on the drive, but I lost like a couple megs. It's very stange and troubling, I ran disinfectant it crashed a couple of thime then checked out ok. I've re-installed 7.6.1 but it keeps coming back... Esp the "?" mystery frags on my disk. Are there jsut possibly bad segments (permanent on my disk ) or could this be something else... ALso the type 2 error are driving me bonkers, I've owned this machine since like 95 been runnig sevensix for a while but it has never been this bad!!!!Please help???

wlonh May 21, 2000 02:20 AM
well yes you have bad blocks, i'd say

and usually Norton can fix these but someone else recently had an issue with bad blocks and they were 'fixed' by Norton but came back... problem was fixed (at least for now) by reinitializing the HD

if you have not initialized your HD in a while, i'd do so now and use the 'zero data' option

also, have you heard of DiskWarrior? not that it will fix this issue but it is a great HD util:

oh, and this post belongs in older macs and clones forum... transferring this post there

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park74 May 25, 2000 04:15 PM
I've heard a lot of talk about "fixing" bad blocks on drives lately. Truth is, you can ignore them but if they are in commonly used spaces on your disk and the problem is caused by physical damage the problem is probaby just going to come back. Some of these bad blocks are caused by physical damage to the platters in the disk. I would try formatting etc as recommend above, but that's a pretty old drive, it might just be time to give it some permanent rest.
MAGNETO May 28, 2000 09:54 PM
Yeah, I prolly figured that. It just threw up a ? sad mac 000000f00000d code. (system prob) I ran Norton again but, I'm sick of these problems, thing is I'm gonna give my mom this computer, just as an internet/e-mail box. I need it to be reliable. So I'm just gonna have to buy a new (or used) SCSI HD. Oh yeah, I think I'm pretty sure the HD toast because It started like griding and vibrating (causing the desk to shake almost) yesterday a couple times I can't imigaine that'd be a good sign. Oh well thanks and I'll give Disk warrior a try. (for the new disk). L8ta

g4-guy Jun 13, 2000 12:38 PM
If you need a new SCSI HD, check out eBay. I bought a 2GB HD for my 6100 for about $70. You need to make sure it's a low profile, 3.5 inch drive. The 6100 does not support Ultra SCSI. See this web site for more info.
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