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dporada May 22, 2000 02:12 PM
USB Disappears
I have a Starmax clone and have added a USB card to run an Epson printer. I'm running system 8.6. When I first installed the card, I used Apples beta drivers and did the published mod to make them work. Every once and a while, the USB port wouldn't work and I needed to re-boot he machine. Since then, I have updated to Apples released USB driver and I lose the USB port after the machine has been running for around 30 minutes. When I try to print, I get a communications error from the printer spooler saying that it cannot find the printer. Going to the Chooser shows that there is no USB port. Re-booting the machine brings the port back. Anyone have any ideas?
Axiom May 23, 2000 10:39 AM
What brand of USB card is it?
And what drivers did you install with it? My experience with USB is that the drivers can conflict, especially if you have installed 3rd party drivers over the top of Apple's drivers included with the OS. The behavior you are describing is consistent with a driver conflict.
dw May 23, 2000 12:23 PM
I have the EXACT same problem.

I saw on one day that Belkin PCI USB cards have a problem (and you can go to to see if yours does)

On mine, Conflict catcher decided that my Ati drivers (for the built in starmax video)and that the Apple PCI drivers conflict!

I get a lot of funny skipping on my mp3s but only when I pull down menus or click on things using my USB mouse. Without the Apple PCI USB drivers, everything works great but I can't use my printer.

You have to actually look at the USB card to see if it is defective (so I haven't looked at mine yet) but supposedly they'll send you a new one if yours is problematic.
dporada May 23, 2000 02:15 PM
The software is 1.4.1 and the card is just a generic USB pci card. I'm not sure what the brand is.
Axiom May 23, 2000 05:52 PM
I think it is important to answer the question of who manufactured the card, in order to be sure you have the right drivers. If any drivers came with the card, I would install them according to the manufacturer's instructions, and possibly (beforehand) try disabling any other USB extensions (including those installed with the OS). If you don't have any drivers, visit the manufacturer's web site to see what you can find there as far as drivers (or technical solutions). The previous poster (dw) also has a good point—you could have a flawed card.

Incidentally, we have a SIIG brand USB card installed in a SuperMac S900 clone, running under OS 8.1, and it is connected to an Epson 5000 printer. The only USB drivers installed are those which came with the card, since 8.1 doesn't install any USB drivers. We are having no USB problems.
park74 May 25, 2000 03:51 PM
I have a similar problem with my PCI USB. I have a keyboard attached, and after some period of use, it will just stop working. If I unplug the keyboard for a half hour or so or reboot my system it starts working again. It enrages me...I have found no good solution yet. I have a belkin card, but not one of the defective ones.
dporada May 30, 2000 11:54 AM
I don't know who the manufacturer of my USB card is. It was one of those generic windows card with Windows drivers. You know, one of those manufactures that doesn't know what a Macintosh is. I am using the universal PCI card drivers from Apple. The problem happened far less often using the beta version of Apple's drivers.
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