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Dan Szwarc Dec 9, 2001 01:09 PM
Which is faster? 8.6 or 9.1?
OK, I got a 7300 I'm using for scanning and web development.

Which OS is faster in overall performance, 8.6 (currently running with no probs) or 9.1 (which I'll need if I put a Radeon video card in it).?

I may eventually upgrade the 604e processor to a G4, add a raid drive setup, etc. But currently under the original setup (160MB ram), I'd like to know what is best.
seanyepez Dec 9, 2001 01:45 PM
I would stick with something that's currently running and has no problems. :p

I remember 9 being bloated and unwieldly on my PowerBook G3/333. I wanted to switch back to OS 8.6, but I never got around to borrowing a friend's restore disk. 9 is now quite stable and fast on newer hardware (G3/500 and G4/667), but if 8.6 is working perfectly, I'd stick with that.

I don't think it would be wise to put a RADEON in your aging machine.
Dan Szwarc Dec 9, 2001 03:12 PM
It's not that I want a radeon, it's that I'd like to get more colors at higher resolutions and I think it's a waste to buy 1MB VRAM when I could just put in a new PCI card.

Course there are probably cheaper PCI cards that are just as good.
3dAnimation Dec 9, 2001 05:23 PM
I love 8.6. It works GREAT on older systems like your 7300. I had it on my 9500 (g3 upgrade) forever. Well, untill just a week or 2 ago when the HD died.

Really, 8.6 on any later beige powermac is great. You can even stick in the latest firewire extensions, and it'll work with any of those cheap-o no-name firewire cards; and the same with usb.

cdhostage Dec 9, 2001 08:57 PM
You can run 8.6 on a RAm disk I believe that is a scr4eaming stystem.
Cipher13 Dec 10, 2001 02:14 AM
A Radeon in there would be a waste.

Stick with 8.6 unless you need OS9 features.

Get a cheap 16 meg PCI video card.

OS9 will run fine on it, but you'll feel the difference. RAM is the main factor in how well OS9 runs, not processor speed.
mr fo0l Dec 10, 2001 08:04 PM
yah Cipher is right; forget the radeon.

Now what I would give that mac is maybe grab one of the iXMicro cards OWC is selling for 40 bucks. 8mb of vram. probly enuf for your needs. hah and ignore the thing about 'drivin today's largest monitors' though lol!!! but then again even radeons don't like stuff over 2048/1536 right?

ahh and don't expect graphic 'accleration' with an ix3d card. it is one spookie board when running rave and i'm not so sure about openGL working at all...but if you just want more than the 512k of vram on the mobo hey...your in bussiness. I put one in my ye ol 7200 and it works great for colors [says alot for how *weird* the 7200 is!]

i guess if you also want graphic acceration & not sell the ranch to get it; look for a voodoo board on priceWatch. haven't looked for a while, but the voodoo 4500 32bit pci boards were very cheep a few months ago.

Alas neither ix3d or 3dfx are in bussiness anymore, hence osX drivers don't exist. oh well. the ixmicro board 'just works' pre osX . can't asy that about the voodoo.

......but if you need osX will be *hard* pressed to get a good deal on an older ATI board...check ebay out; you may be shocked to see how much ppl are willing to pay for the 16mb rage128 pci boards. I duno about you guys but 120$ for a rage 128 based anything PCI is toooooo much for me.^_^ I'm cheep though maybe.
Dan Szwarc Dec 10, 2001 09:52 PM
Just the answer I was looking for. A cheap, 8MB video card. $40 is less than I'd pay for another 2MB of VRAM for this thing, even on ebay.

As long as it supports plain ol 2D I'm happy, although a little quicktime acceleration might help, too...
Ra Dec 11, 2001 12:08 AM
I have a 7300/180, now upgraded with a G3/400 MHz Sonnet. It ran very well with 8.6, and now it runs better with OS 9.1.

I have a couple of hard drives, so before I installed OS 9.1 I duplicated and saved some extensions and files that I needed, then I "erased" the drive. I installed 9.1, and did the same to the other drive. It took some time to reinstall the programs I wanted, but everything is working without a glitch.

I also got extra memory for it. Would you believe $18.00 per 64 Mb (DIMM) at ?It now has over 300 Mb of RAM, and I plan to buy an extra pair of 64 Mb modules.

Last week, I bought a LaCie 20x10x40 CD-RW (on sale at some stores), and connected it to a PCI FireWire card (OrangeLink). This drive is the fastest one I have ever used. The fan is a little noisy, but since I only use it occasionally, the noise is not a problem.

[ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Ra ]
Oink Dec 14, 2001 02:35 PM
8.6 definitely
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