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SeSawaya Dec 14, 2001 01:41 PM
7300 problem!!!!

I have a 7300/200 w/96 megs ram and a 2 gig HD running 9.1. It is crashing on start up. It gives me the usual running disc first aid but then stops and tells me there is a problem with the startup disc that it cant fix. It then proceeds to start up the extensions. At the end of that it gives me Errror type 41. Restart (that I must force)

I've booted with a CD with no problem. I can access all of my files and it even let me burn a CD from it. What can I do??? how bad is this?

thanks for any help!!!!

The probelm is theres always a problem :mad:
silverlode Dec 14, 2001 04:54 PM
I would try starting up from a CD, deleting the file "Finder" from the damaged system folder, and then copying the one from the CD over. Otherwise check this article out from the Apple Knowledge Base. Whatever you do to get your system going again, I would back everything up that's important, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall the system.

Good luck....


This article explains the cause of Error Type 41 and tells how to eliminate it.



During startup the computer presents a dialog box with Error Type 41. The computer stops responding and the desktop never appears. The same thing happens even if extensions are disabled.


Error Type 41 is not new and is not unique to any version of System 7, Mac OS 8, or Mac OS 9.

This error means "can't load the Finder." If you receive this error message it is likely that the Finder has been damaged. Deleting the Finder and reinstalling it should correct the situation. Performing a clean installation of all the system software is not necessary unless simply reinstalling the Finder does not work.

Reinstalling the Finder is done by removing the Finder and performing a simple installation of just the base system.

Locking the Finder (in the "Get Info" window) may prevent the error condition from recurring. However, be aware that a locked Finder can cause some system software installations to fail. If using Mac OS 8, upgrading to at least Mac OS 8.1 may help prevent one cause of this issue.

If the error occurred immediately after installing some software, there may have been a failure during installation or you may have some incompatible software. Any time you are reinstalling software to correct an error or behavior, you should run Disk First Aid beforehand and repair any damage found by Disk First Aid.

To read more about performing a clean installation of system software, please see article 30691: "Mac OS: When & Why to Perform a Clean Installation"

For help in starting your computer from a CD, please see article 43038: "Troubleshooting Handbook: Starting Up From a CD."
SeSawaya Dec 15, 2001 10:55 AM
thanks a million, I will give it a try!! :)
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