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Kon-El Dec 14, 2001 07:57 PM
200mhz 3400c: Any upgrades? Which OS?
I just got a 200mhz 3400c via eBay and will be maxing the RAM out at 144mb. I was wondering if their is a processor or video upgrade, and what kind of hard drive I would have to get if I wanted a bigger one. And finally, I was wondering which OS I should use on it. I only have an OS 9.1 CD and was wondering if I should spend money to get 8.6 for it instead.
MacScuzzy Dec 16, 2001 12:07 AM
Well, if your putting in 144MB of RAM, OS 9.1 isn't much different then 8.6, so I wouldn't waste your money, and just install 9.1. The HD in the 3400 is IDE (or ATA, whatever you call it) and so it's the same connector as in the 5300/190, 1400, and PowerBook G3's, iBooks, and TiBooks. I suggest putting in a 10GB drive. The video card is soldered on, along with the CPU, so upgrades are moot. Unless you put in a PCMCIA video card.
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