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PHoynak Dec 16, 2001 06:57 PM
Does anyone know where I could buy a Next computer? Back then I was only a PC person and never paid attention. Now I want to see it for myself.
michaelb Dec 16, 2001 07:18 PM
If you want to collect one, try eBay...

Even most Mac people didn't pay much attention to NeXT back then, and when they moved out of making the hardware (pictured below), the OS was ported to x86 and only ran on PCs anyway.

In fact, the developer releases of the very early form of what was to evolve into Mac OS X -- Rhapsody (repackaged NeXTStep) -- required "Mac" developers to have PCs!

Anyway, if you just want to see the hardware in all its monochrome glory, this page has some good pics...
Christopher Dec 16, 2001 08:11 PM
Flash back time.I waited until the cube was 68040 with a Motorola DSP 5600
chip.Rumor was that Motorola had DSP 9600 chip in the works . I didnt order the Canon optical drive.Each disk held 250 megs of storage.They had problems
with it.Too slow.So mine only came with the hard drive and floppy drive.
I did order the NeXT Dimension Video board with 4 megs of vram.It was
to ship with a JPEG chip but instead they did a switch aroo and put
the JPEG compression in software.Rumors were that it would ship at a later date with an MPEG chip.But they never did.The NeXT Dimension board also
had an onboard Intel i860 chip for 3-D graphics.Coupled with the fact that
Jobs purchased Renderman from Lucas Films Computer arm.So, it came with Renderman.I ordered the color monitor made by NeXT but the CRT tube was a Sony Flat screen.Then, after all my waiting they never produced a low cost software
system for 3D animation.Cambridge Systems from England did but for around $80,000.00 The Macintosh system was too boring for me at the time and
WinDos didn't even phase me.Windows is still a cludge on top of a cludge.
The operating system Mach BSD was awesome.Fast and never froze up on me
Canon and a very small plant produced NeXT Computer Inc..Steve Jobs lost
out of his pocket about: $10 million dollars.But in the coming years
he recieved $400 million from Apple Computer.There were also rumors that
he would eventually be the CEO of IBM.I loved that machine.As pointed out above they do show up on ebay for about $400.00 My cost at the time with a university consortium pricing was a measly $12,000.00 So count your stars above and be thankful Apple Computer is OS-X and not the BEOS.
cpt kangarooski Dec 19, 2001 05:03 AM
You want a NeXT? Hell, I keep meaning to sell my NeXT Cube.

Mail me at: net.auspice.gryphon@cpt (but first reverse the email address -- this is a lame attempt to avoid spam) and we can discuss it. I'd be happy to get rid of it -- I'm in school and could use the money!
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