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Ishan Bhattacharya Jun 2, 2000 01:50 AM
7500 upgrade-how to connect two printers
I have a 7500 with a G3 card which has a Lexmark Optra+ hooked up to the serial port. In the past, when I also wanted to have an Epson connected, I had to get a switchbox which created lots of problems. I also tried various other software/hardware solutions, including Momentum's products (I don't remember the names) none of which worked well. Since the Epsons now all have USB ports, could I put in an USB PCI card and connect the Epson that way? Would I then be able to simply change printers by going to the Chooser, or would I have to reboot? Any info appreciated. Thanx.
macman Jun 2, 2000 09:40 AM
You bet! The Keyspan USB cards work best I've heard. Make sure you download the latest USB Card Support software from Apple though, the software on the CD is not necessarily the newest and may crash (I've been there). It works just like normal USB, hot plugable and all.
Jerry Jun 2, 2000 09:55 AM
I have installed USB cards on two Power Mac 7500's in my office. One was the Keyspan USB card and the other was just a $19 I/O Magic card from Fry's Electronics. On both cards I just downloaded and installed the latest USB support software form Apple and the cards worked without any problems.
Blakhawkg3 Jun 3, 2000 06:44 AM
Any USB card that is compliant with the OHCI standards (it usually says it on the box) will work fine. My MacAlly PCI USB card works great with the latest Apple drivers; the only problem is that I have to reach around back to take advantage of the hot-pluggability.
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