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agerstein Jun 2, 2000 01:43 PM
Color Classic with problems?
In the process of replacing the dead drive in my Color Classic, I messed up and now nothing happens when I switch it on. What can I do? I think maybe I crossed a wire or something, but can't figure out what I did.

reader50 Jun 3, 2000 05:35 PM
You may have unplugged the power connector from the power supply going into the motherboard, and just forgot to plug it back in during reassembly.
reader50 Jun 3, 2000 09:13 PM
oops ... I hear the Color Classic uses a card-edge connector for all connections, it may not have a separate power connector.
This sounds really stupid, but did you plug it into a good power socket? Not too likely, but this would be fast & cheap to check.
If power wires were crossed, it probably just blew a fuse in the power supply. Disconnect the motherboard from the power supply, then UNPLUG THE POWER SUPPLY before opening it. I know you are told to leave the power supply plugged in (for grounding) when opening the computer case, but if you open the power supply itself, please unplug it first!
The fuse(s) might be soldered down. Regardless, replace with same size only.
Hope this helps.
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