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RJHarris Jan 31, 2000 10:37 AM
PowerComputing OS upgrade
I have a PowerComputing PowerTower Pro 200 running System 7.5.5. It is very stable, but I want to upgrade to a more recent OS. Apple says up to OS 8.1 is approved, but I've been told by a local Mac repair shop of troubles going above 7.5.5. If anyone has experience with this and can advise me and provide any tips, I'd be grateful!

Seagull Jan 31, 2000 11:27 AM
I would hate to think that such a powerful machine (PowerPC 604e at 200MHz) could not run a more recent Mac OS like Mac OS 9. Even a very old PowerPC Mac made by Apple can run Mac OS 9 and if the Mac like the one you have cannot run Mac OS 9, it would be very upseting. Information on this Mac compatible model is at

There is a note there that your Mac can run Mac OS 9 and it also note that a Mac OS more recent than 8.1 is not officially support by Apple. But hey, if I was you, I would take a dive, buy a Mac OS 9 CD and try installing it. If it doesn't work, you can always sell it to someone else.

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Seagull Feb 1, 2000 07:25 AM
I could also add that, if for some reasons, Mac OS 9 refuse to install on your computer, you can change the system id of your computer to a Power Macintosh G3 with a utility called Wish I Were... to see if it could help. You can get it at my page at

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milocat Feb 2, 2000 02:21 PM
You might want to check out its a forum just for powercomputing. they have plenty of reports on PCP OS upgrages
ReggieFromRiverdale Feb 3, 2000 03:15 PM
I have a PowerTower 180e (not the Pro) which is based on the 7200 motherboard.
No problems up to an including 8.6, which I'm running right now.
It's *very* stable. Since your Tower Pro is a 9500 motherboard, I can't see the the problem going to 8.6 at least. Just make sure you've updated the Hard Drive and CD-ROM drivers to the latest versions (I bit the bullet and got the full version of FWB Hard Disk Toolkit and CD-ROM Toolkit. Both Very useful anyways).
I never boot from OS CD's (well, OK, *can't*) to install, and haven't had any problems going to 8.6.
Do a clean install of what ever you want to run *after* updating all your drivers and extensions.

I have yet to try 9, so I can't say yes or no to that
Kaylen Feb 4, 2000 11:39 AM
I am currently running OS 9 on my PowerComputing PowerBase. It is very stable, I use it as a shared server for my friends and I to get files from anywhere. It may not be supported, but have we really been supported since the day apple took over?
Chito Feb 7, 2000 10:35 AM
I also have OS9 running on my Power Center Pro 240, which shipped with 7.6, and has endured every upgrade that came down the pike....all worked well. 8.1 was about the flakiest....but 8.5 took care of most problems and 8.6 corrected even more. Don't let the lack of Apple's blessings deter you from upgrading....
Misha Feb 7, 2000 01:49 PM
I've got OS 9 on a PowerCenter 500 (G3 Upgrade). No problems whatsovever.
outZider Feb 8, 2000 12:28 PM
OS9 is running beautifully on my PowerTower Pro 180 at work..

- oZ
Alaska Bill Feb 9, 2000 11:19 PM
I not only went from 7.5.5 to 8.6 on my PowerBase 180, but I also replaced the three year old 2GB IBM hard drive with a 4.5GB 7200RPM Seagate. Conflict Catcher 8 rely helped with the OS upgrade via System Merge. The PB 180 runs fast and stable with the upgraded OS and hard drive. I also very much like FWB's tool for both the hard drive and CD-ROM. I use FWB both on my PB 180 and Mac IIci.
RJHarris Feb 11, 2000 09:40 AM
Alaska Bill: Thanks for your message. Can you tell me how Conflict Catcher 8 System Merge works? I have an older version of CC, but if the new version is helpful in doing an OS upgrade it sounds like it's worth getting.

powerlemon Feb 12, 2000 12:24 AM
I have been running os9 on my powerbase 200 and it runs great. There have been a couple of snags along the way but well worth it. I would suggest to format with Hard Disk Speed tools. I find it to be very effective with all systems that I've formatted with. FWB is not something I use anymore.
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