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ThinkInsane Jun 16, 2000 01:58 PM
Upgrade it or put it on ebay?
My uncle has a 6200cd with a 601e running at 75 MHz and (I believe) 48 megs of ram. It's slower than death eating a cracker. Is it worth upgrading this machine, or would he be better off buying a new one? Any help would be most appreciated.
heart93 Jun 16, 2000 10:45 PM
I had a 6200 a few years ago. I bought it before I knew better.

Tell your uncle to get what he can for it & chalk it up as a learning experience.
ThinkInsane Jun 17, 2000 03:23 AM
He's had it since it was new, so he definatly got his monies worth out of it. Thanks for the input, I'll pass it along.
Idler Jun 17, 2000 08:30 AM
Just for clarification, the Performa 6200CD has a PowerPC 603 processor running at 75MHz. The 603 is unfortunately the slowest of the PowerPC processors. However, since this computer has a CD-ROM drive, floppy disk drive and 48MB of RAM, I think it is still quite useful with Mac OS 8.1 installed on it, also with Speed Doubler 8 and RAM Doubler 8 or 9. Your uncle can use it as long as he can until he has enough money to buy a fast new Mac. Then he can use the 6200 alongside the new Mac, I think it will be fun and useful to use the 6200 together with the new Mac.

Although slow it may be, I can think of many many useful programs the 6200 can run happily. Considering that a Mac Quadra emulate on a PC can still run many programs and be useful and a PowerPC Mac emulator for PC is being wait anxiously by many, a real Mac with a PowerPC processor is quite valuable, so keep it and have fun with it. If you like, you can view a screenshot of a Mac Quadra emulated on Windows:

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ThinkInsane Jun 17, 2000 09:53 AM
Is it a 603? Huh, my mistake. He can afford a new comp, I think he may just be cheap what I was wondering, is wether there is a G3 upgrade for it, and if it is worth the price compared to getting a new machine
wlonh Jun 17, 2000 12:37 PM
naw, TI... retire that old soldier, let it fade away...

tell Unk to buy a shiny new Mac
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