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DewD Jun 23, 2000 12:50 PM
Stubborn Desktop Icon
Quick question: Does anyone know why the icon for my 2nd hard drive ( an IBM 2Gb external SCSI) won't stay where I put it on the Desktop ? I'm running OS 8.5.1 on a PPC 603e chip system. It really irks me--- I've Saved and Rebuilt the desktop using Tech Tool lite (1.1.9) , Tech tool Pro 2.5.4 , Conflict Catcher 8.06, standard Mac OS startup key rebuild....Norton absurdum , both drives. But that damn icon still wanders off.

Is this an 8.5.1 bug or what ? It's only that one icon that does it.
(By the way, that spurious drive is formatted/run by FWB Hard Disk Toolkit PE 3.0.1 )

reader50 Jun 23, 2000 04:34 PM
Try this reference to immovable icons. It might apply to you. If it does, ResEdit could solve the problem quickly.
andi*pandi Jun 26, 2000 06:13 PM
I've actually had this happen on my imac. Usually, it's when I've been running something that takes over the whole screen, like a game... upon quitting, sometimes my hard drive icon is moved from standard position to in the middle of my screen.

If I don't move it back right away and start another game, upon quitting it will have moved another jump over to the left.

odd. doesn't seem harmful though.
reader50 Jun 26, 2000 07:02 PM
Upon rereading the posts, it sounds more like icons that wander around, rather than insisting on staying put.

Desktop icons often get remapped after screen resolution is changed - such as by a game.

Try these shareware utilities:

Desktop Resetter

Restore Desktop

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