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Gregg Oct 1, 2000 06:18 PM
Power key does not turn me on
Out of nowhere, my old Performa will not power on. It is not used frequently, but had been used a few times recently. Today, when I hit the power button on the keyboard... nothing. I checked the connections, turned the surge protector off and back on, turned the main power switch on the back of the computer off and back on, and checked to make sure other things on the same circuit were on. (The surge protector has a light, and it is on.) I am at a loss as to what is going on. Are there any other ideas out there???
Dave Gibson Oct 1, 2000 10:48 PM
The first thing I would do is replace the battery.
ibookuser2 Oct 2, 2000 01:32 AM
What kind of performa is it? I have had several performas die on me, it is usually the power supply. I usually have the problem with performas with the 640CD Form factor.

You might also want to try the CUDA reset button on the motherboard, but I doubt that will work
thirtyfootsmurf Oct 2, 2000 11:24 AM
Have you tried to replace the keyboard?? Another user had the same problem. When he replaced the keyboard, it started working.
Could you not also just push the power button??

What's that stuff in my toilet? Where are my pants? Why can't those damn monkeys stop banging those sledgehammers on my head?
Gregg Oct 2, 2000 01:48 PM
I thought about the battery too. But, isn't it just supposed to keep your clock running when the power is shut off, and save your PRAM settings? When you power it up, the battery shouldn't matter. In fact, you could run it with electricity and no battery at all, couldn't you?

Now to answer some of the questions. It's not "really" a Performa, it's a Macintosh TV, but that's very similar to the other "all-in-one" Performas. I have no idea what the CUDA reset button is.

No, I haven't tried replacing the keyboard. I could try switching keyboards with my G# desktop. Thanks, for the inspiration, I wouldn't have thought of that otherwise. I don't get your question about pushing the power button. When I push it, it gives a little, just like always, but nothing happens.

And, I don't know anything about your toilet, pants, or those monkeys.
ibookuser2 Oct 2, 2000 10:19 PM
I haven't had any trouble with the all-in-ones, just the low-profile desktop performas.

The reset button looks like a square silver component on the motherboard with a red or black circle on it, it resets the PRAM a lot better than the key combo. I've resurrected a few machines by pushing it. If your machine doesn't have one you can also remove the battery and let it sit unplugged for a few days, but the cuda button is a lot faster if you can find it

Do try replacing the keyboard first...

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Gregg Oct 6, 2000 09:16 AM
Well, the experiments have failed. I tried hooking up my other keyboard, which went smoothly until I hit the power key. Nothing.

Then, I unplugged the CPU from the surge protector. Mind you, the light on the Zip drive plugged into the same SP is on. I then plugged the CPU directly into the wall socket. Now, it was the same duplex receptacle that the SP is plugged into, making it possible without moving everything, or getting a long extension chord out. Nothing.

The battery doesn't make sense to me, but I don't know what else to try. My next step will probably be taking it in to a repair shop. There are several to choose from here. Such a pain! It happened without warning. Frustrating!!!
Dave Gibson Oct 6, 2000 11:07 AM
I would strongly urge you to replace the battery before you make a costly trip to the repair shop. It may not make sense, but what if it works? A battery replacement is pretty cheap. You can probably get one at Radio Shack. I'm no technician, but I had the same thing happen to my Starmax 3000/200. Everything was dead. All of sudden. Nothing.
I immediately thought the worst---blown power supply. On a lark, I first replaced the battery and voila. It worked.
Gregg Oct 6, 2000 01:17 PM
Ok Dave, if you insist. I've never tried opening this one up. The first (and only) time the battery was replaced, it was done by a service technician. Time to get out the old manual....

Thanks for the reply. I'll let you know what happens.

zac4mac Oct 6, 2000 03:00 PM
If you read the TIL's on the CUDA switch, you find that it does a bunch of stuff. Primarily ADB bus and stuff related to "soft-power". If your Mac is over 4 years old, the battery becomes a likely culprit for weird problems. Not sure of your MacTV, but my old 8500's recovery process is:
1)open the mac
2)touch the metal frame to discharge static.
3)unplug the power cord.
4)pull the battery
5)press and hold the power button for a second or two.
6)either replace the battery and press the CUDA switch or leave the battery out for at least 15 minutes.
drewman Oct 7, 2000 03:59 AM
The battery is the culprit in so many old Macs not starting that I was able to retrieve quite a few of them from the State Surplus a few years ago, replace the batteries and give them to friends.

When the voltage in the battery is low on these models, pressing the power button doesn't send enough voltage to the power supply to wake it up.

Gregg Oct 7, 2000 12:40 PM
Well Drew, I wish my experience matched yours. I tried the six steps above, and I still get nothing when I press the keyboard "on" button. Now, when I unplugged it, I also turned off the main power button on the back of the unit. When I toggle that back on, I hear the familiar "buzz" sound like it's getting some power. I guess it's the repair shop next, and possibly the grave yard.
Cipher13 Oct 8, 2000 04:32 AM
No suggestions here, but the battery does affect that kinda stuff...
In the old pizza boxes (LC 475's - awesome machines!), if the battery was dead, it would not start up, and the monitor would not power on or anything...
Lotsa wierd stuff related to that battery.

nealconner Oct 8, 2000 06:52 PM
"Power key does not turn me on" Is that refering to the Mac or to you? He he.

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poemtree Oct 11, 2000 12:53 PM
I absolutely second the pram battery suggestion...Happened on my PM 6100 and I took it to a repair shop. They swapped the battery and charged me twenty bucks. I could've bought the battery at radio shack for $9. I felt kinda stupid...
Gregg Oct 12, 2000 01:34 PM
I actually bought the battery at Radio Shack for 10 bucks, and replaced the old one. It still doesn't turn on, and I feel kinda stupid. Your mileage may vary.
Dave Gibson Oct 13, 2000 01:03 PM
Let's see. You've checked the power at the outlet. The surge protector is good, the power cord to your computer is good, the keyboard is good, and the the battery is new. My only other thoughts would be that an on/off switch is bad, the power supply is bad, or the motherboard is shot. If you don't feel comfortable tackling these last possibilities yourself, then it sounds like repair shop time. Sorry.
Dave Gibson Oct 13, 2000 01:09 PM
One last thought. Have you checked to make sure all internal cabling is firmly seated and that your ram chips are firmly seated? I guess, like you, I'm grasping at straws at this point. Repost when you find out what actually is wrong.
Gregg Oct 17, 2000 01:52 PM
Thanks, Dave. At this point, I'm probably going to let it sit for awhile. When there is a resolution, I will post here, but your chances of seeing it may be slim unless you visit regularly.
mkuehn Nov 2, 2000 11:33 AM
Originally posted by poemtree:
I took it to a repair shop. They swapped the battery and charged me twenty bucks
Don't feel too bad. My parents did the same thing, and it cost them US$60.

After that, I told them how much it would have cost me to do the same thing, and to be sure to call me first if they ever have troubles again. I'm pretty sure they will.
Gregg Mar 30, 2001 10:01 AM
For those who posted here five months ago, and happen to see this thread revived....

I finally took the MacTV to the repair shop, and the problem is with the analog board. (I don't even know what that does.) Anyway, it is integral with the power supply, so even though the PS is good, it has to be replaced along with the new AB. I'm still sentimentally attached to the old black beauty, so I think I'll shell out the clams to get it swimming again. I might keep it for myself, and send the newer G3 with its (required for network) ethernet to college this fall with my older son, at least temporarily.

P.S. I put the new CMOS battery in the G3 after it didn't help the Mac TV, but I kept both old batteries. I might get some life out of both of them for awhile. hehe
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