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rwitham Jul 2, 2000 09:33 PM
Help with a new CD-Rom drive on a Quadra 630
I hope somebody can help me with this problem. My son recently got a Quadra 630 in great shape for free. So we figured that we could set it up to be a begining internet machine. So we bought a 56K Global Village modem, and a CD-Rom drive.(4X) The CD-Rom drive installation was no sweat, however when we went to install the software for the modem we found we had a problem. The drive opens and closes but doesn't recognize or mount the CD. So we are back to square one. Did I do something wrong or do I need a missing piece of software or an extention to get the drive working properly. If so, where can I get or download the right software. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!!
Chris_G Jul 2, 2000 11:35 PM
Its quite possible that Apple's CD-driver does not recognize your drive... unless the CD-ROM is an Apple branded drive, you're not going to get the drive recognized. You have two options... a third party driver such as FWB's CD-ROM toolkit, or use a hacked version of the Apple Driver (this hack was featured at Resexcellence . The second way may not work as well as the first, but its free. If you can't find the hack, email me at and I'll email you a copy of it (its worked for my non-Apple CD-ROM drives).

zac4mac Jul 3, 2000 12:10 AM
The second way will work very well. I am on OS 9.0.4 with a PM8500/G3-454 and have been using the hack from ResExcellence for over 2 years on OS 8.1, 8.5, 8.6 and 9.0. It is a very simple hack using ResEdit. Make sure and save a copy for later OS upgrades or System rebuilding/restoring.
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