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allensis Jul 3, 2000 01:59 AM
Radius DOS on MAC card - looking for info
I just got one of these and am hoping to find any info on issues and fixes that have already been discussed.

Anyone know of any online forums that have this info?


gtabbott Jul 3, 2000 11:28 AM
You can find archives of the now defunct MacDosCard mailing list at:

I belonged to this list for years, and, except for issues arrising with newer versions of the System, this covers most of the conflicts with the software.

Tod Abbott.
gtabbott Jul 3, 2000 11:31 AM
Oops. I should mention that the various Radius cards were the same as Apple's PC Compatibility cards, and will accept the same software, etc.

The current version of the PC Compatibility software is still available on Apple's FTP site (that's version 1.6.4), and will work with OS 9 (and 9.0.4), provided you don't install the PC networking extensions on the Mac side. That's right, since System 8.5, I think, the PC card has not been able to be networked.

Another company (the name of which escapes me) acquired the rights to update the software (not an easy process, apparently) and announced a couple of months ago that things were about ready. Haven't heard from them since, though...

Tod Abbott, again.
gtabbott Jul 3, 2000 11:49 AM
Threes a charm.

I have to correct much of what I said in the original post.

The MacDOsCArd mailing list mentioned above is still quite alive as at Web-based bulletin board. There are current messages about current issues posting every day.

PCSetup 2.X is now available here:

though due to bugs, the installer is only available for earlier machines (pre-PCI Macs), or DOS only installations. The software costs $40 and is worth it (when it supports your machine).

Tod Abbott, again, again.
nufoto Jul 3, 2000 02:50 PM
check this site for an update:

on the card
gduerksen Jul 3, 2000 04:06 PM
The Radius PC-compatibility card is NOT compatible with software for Apple's DOS-on-Mac card, even though they were the OEM manufacturer for Apple! Apple's card, for example, handled memory differently, sharing RAM between the DOS-on-Mac card and the host mac; the Radius card uses seperate on-board RAM. The "Detente" software at the Radius vintage site works through OS 8.5.1 but will not work with OS 8.6. Be aware also that you must use "Formation CD" as your CD driver in place of the resident Apple CD drivers or you will not be able to read CD's on the PC side.
Windows installation from compressed floppies is nearly impossible prior to OS 8.5--Apple specified that installation was only possible from uncompressed Windows installer floppies. However, changes in the OS pertaining to bus access alleviated this problem in OS 8.5, and I recommend using OS 8.5.1 on the host mac.
twautele Jul 5, 2000 04:31 AM
There were several Apple branded DOS card and 2 PCI boards (7" and 12") were much like (relabelled ?) Reply/radius board with their own memory. 1.6.4 did'nt work with MacOS 9 AFAIK.
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