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xmishx May 24, 2002 03:23 AM
Installing Operating Systems
I have a Power Computing Power Center Pro 240. I was having all kinds of problems with hangs and freezes without rhyme or reason. Well, I think I found the problem to be the install of Quick Draw. After using the original system disk that came with the computer (OS 7.6) and not installing QD, the computer seems to be running well. I then upgraded straight to OS 8.6. So far so good.

Now, I'd love to eventually get to 9.1, but now here is another problem. The original system disk requires a initialization via FWB which is on that disk and will only format to standard HFS. I beleive I need HFS+ to install 9.1.

My question is, can I start from scratch, initialize with and format using Drive Setup on the OS 9 disk without problems. A step by step would really be appreciated. I'd love to get this computer going as it all started with the post I made about the Extreme 8500.

Thanks a bunch,

saxman May 25, 2002 07:49 AM
Hi there

I don't think you need to be formatted HFS+ to run 9.1. I have a 5500 which is running 9.1 just fine under standard format.

Hope this helps.

xmishx May 25, 2002 03:40 PM
I'm not one to document each procedure I work on, so I cannot explain it, but now 9.1 is on the machine on a HFS+ formatted drive. One week ago I could not get anything loaded correctly and now it seems to be usable. I still get frequent freezes in Exploror even with more memory allocated to it, but for now, it is workable.

Thanks for your input.

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