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B.I.L Jul 6, 2000 04:33 PM
Good memory sources for older PowerMacs?
Anyone have any tips on where to find good deals on memory for older PowerMacs? I like Crucial for killer prices on newer RAM, but their prices on older styles are terrible. Specifically, I'm looking to add 32MB to my 7500. The lowest I've found is $54 at Can anyone beat this?
Chris_G Jul 6, 2000 05:28 PM
I always check out and it looks like MemoryX has the best prices. You might find something on Ebay (although in general their prices for memory are a tad bit high). Also, you might find more "bang" for your buck by buying a larger stick (i.e. 64MB or 128MB) of memory. Hope this helps!

Westbo Jul 11, 2000 10:25 AM

B.I.L Jul 11, 2000 08:06 PM
What?!? Unless I'm missing something, Chip Merchant is a terrible place to buy the memory I need. The cheapest memory that may be right (old-school RAM confuses me, I like to see "works with Mac XXXX") was $103 for 32MB! What a steal!
zac4mac Jul 11, 2000 10:01 PM
I've had real good luck with RAM from MacSolutions @ for price and performance(I have an 8500 at home). Be sure and interleave your RAM for a 10-15% horsepower boost. 5volt, FPM is OK, but EDO is faster, can be mixed but not advised, not sure of refresh rate, 2k I think... I have used RAM scavenged from PC's in a 7500 with fair success (one bad stick out of 8 tried in my 7500 at work)

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